We have some of the first details for the Star Trek Picard Series. The new show was initially announced last August and represents the highly-anticipated return of Patrick Stewart to the Trek universe. For years, it seemed like the legendary actor had moved on, but CBS was able to court him back and it sounds like he's loving it. But for Trekkies, it's important to know things are going to be quite different this time around, as Picard will no longer be a Starfleet Captain.

CBS and Patrick Stewart have been quiet regarding the untitled Picard series. However, in a recent interview, Stewart's friend and Star Trek: The Next Generation co-star Jonathan Frakes was asked about the new show and, even though he's not involved (at least not yet), he revealed some of what he's learned about the show and it all sounds rather encouraging. Here's what Frakes had to say about it.

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"The feeling is we would love to be part of it. But the feeling is also that it's Patrick's show. [Laughs.] Having said that, I can't imagine a world where there's no reference to what happened to the rest of the Next Generation cast. Patrick isn't playing Capt. Jean-Luc Picard this time, he's done with [that phase of his career in] Starfleet in this show. That's about the only thing I do know about the show. Patrick and I had a steak dinner a couple of weeks ago and this man, who I've known for 31 years now, is so excited about this show he's like a little kid. It's fabulous! He's thrilled and excited to be invited into the writer's room and he's a producer on the show and he's part of the development of the story arc. It's terrific. I mean he is a guy who is fully engaged."

Jonathan Frakes not only portrayed William Riker in Star Trek: The Next Generation, but he's since gone on to direct several movies and quite a few episodes of TV set within the franchise. Couple that with his long-standing friendship and Patrick Stewart and that makes anything he says quite valuable. So what should we make of Picard no longer being a Starfleet Captain? This show is going to pick up with the former captain of the Enterprise years later. It's quite possible that he's since moved on to bigger and better things.

Really though, it's Patrick Stewart's apparent enthusiasm for the project that should have fans feeling good. And, as Jonathan Frakes points out, it would only make sense to see what some of his old Enterprise crewmates have been up to in the years since. So, hopefully, we'll get some exciting reunions along the way as well. Who wouldn't want to see Riker and Picard together once again? While no premiere date has been set, the Picard series will debut on CBS All Access in late 2019. This news was first reported by Deadline.