Prepare a heaping bowl of salt for this one, but a rumor is now spreading that Mr. Bean star, Rowan Atkinson, is being sought after for a role in the upcoming season of Peaky Blinders. That role, none other than Adolf Hitler. Rumours have been furiously circulating about the actor's involvement in the show as the Nazi leader, which were ignited by a tweet that you can read below.

After the tweet started to make the rounds, a spokesperson for Peaky Blinders came forth and deemed this rumor to be fake news. So for now, this appears to not be true, but the team at Peaky Blinders may just be trying to keep it a secret.

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Rowan Atkinson, CBE, has cemented himself as a comedic legend thanks to roles in beloved sitcoms Mr. Bean and Blackadder. The actor is best known on the big screen as Johnny English, as well as roles in the likes of Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Lion King, The Witches, Rat Race, and the Mr. Bean movie, Bean. His latest performance was in the newest movie in the Johnny English franchise, Johnny English Strikes Again, released in 2018.

While the suggestion of Atkinson as Hitler at first seems a little jarring, the more you think about it, the more inspired it becomes. The idea of introducing Hitler comes following the fifth season's introduction of the fascist leader Oswald Mosley, played by Enola Holmes star Sam Claflin. In real life, Oswald Mosley was a friend of the notorious Nazi dictator, with Hitler even a guest at Mosley's wedding to Diana Mitford in 1936, hence the idea that he will be introduced in Peaky Blinders sometime down the line.

Peaky Blinders follows Tommy Shelby, the dangerous leader of the Peaky Blinders, a criminal gang based in Birmingham in 1919. The sixth season of Peaky Blinders is currently in the works, though production has been halted due to the ongoing global situation. The fifth season of the show aired last year on BBC One, and proved to be the most popular season of the show so far bringing in an average of 7 million viewers per episode.

The series ended with Tommy Shelby and the gang in a precarious position following the failed assassination of Oswald Mosley, with cracks in the family beginning to form due to the ambitions of Michael. The last moments of the series finale saw Tommy continuing to succumb to the mental trauma he has been suffering from since the beginning of the show, culminating with him facing down a hallucination of his dead wife while pointing a gun at his head, seemingly poised to pull the trigger.

While Atkinson's involvement appears to be nothing more than fake news at the moment, one actor who will be joining Tommy Shelby and the rest of the gang is Boardwalk Empire star Stephen Graham who recently revealed he had a role in the upcoming sixth season saying, "I was supposed to be starting Peaky Blinders but that has been put on hold indefinitely. My agent spent a lot of time putting that together."

The sixth season of Peaky Blinders has not yet been given an official release date. When season five initially came out back in August 2019, it was suggested by the show's director, Anthony Byrne, that the new series would be out in early 2021, though this may no longer be the case due to the halt in production. The rumor regarding Rowan Atkinson as Adolf Hitler began on Netflix Diaries Twitter account.