Birmingham-based crime drama Peaky Blinders has recently revealed the first image of Paul Anderson's character Arthur Shelby, ahead of the series' sixth season. The BBC One show has grown increasingly in popularity since its debut season in 2013, and fans are keen to know everything possible ahead of a highly anticipated sixth run out for the Shelby family. Season five ended with a high octane, mind-bending finale, leaving many viewers clutching for answers and giving little away ahead of the final outing this year.

The image released shows a tired, worn out, looking Arthur Shelby, with a white scarf adorning an untucked shirt and untidy black suit. The look is a far cry from the usually smart shirt-and-tie brand that has become a staple of the 1920's series. Not forgetting, of course, the famous flat cap that is also missing from the released image.

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Arthur's new disheveled look could be as a result of the events of Season 5, the oldest Shelby brother's relationship with his wife Linda had deteriorated rapidly ahead of the chaotic final episode. Linda was last seen telling Arthur "I'm glad I didn't shoot you, it would have been a kindness" having been shot herself whilst attempting to, earlier in the season. The rough and unkempt look of Arthur could also be a hint at what is to come for the character in the upcoming season.

The shared image follows the release of Lizzie's new look for Season 6. Natasha O'Keefe's character sports a white, fur-like, jacket, as apposed to her usual dark dress code. Lizzie is the wife of main character Tommy Shelby, and the mother of their daughter Ruby, rumors have continued to swirl over the future of their relationship in Season 6.

The BBC series sadly lost Peaky Blinders mainstay Helen McCrory in April, who died of cancer at the age of 52. Her character, Polly Gray ,has been heavily involved since the series' beginning in 2013, often pulling the strings from the heart of the Birmingham gang. It remains unclear as to whether McCrory will featured in the sixth season of the drama.

Elsewhere, actors Rebecca Keatley and Stephen Graham have joined the cast. Keatley is known for her work as a presenter on BBC's kids TV channel CBeebies, along with acting credits for A Midsummer Night's Dream, Our Family and Simple Things.Meanwhile, Stephen Graham is known for his roles in Line of Duty, Pirates of the Caribbean and Snatch.

Series creator and writer Stephen Knight confirmed that Season 6 will be the final season of Peaky Blindersin January, but promised that the story will continue in a different form. Whether fans can expect a spin-off series or future movies remains uncertain. The news comes as a surprise given that Knight had previously stated that the series would run into a seventh season. It now seems that plans have changed and fans will need to wait for the future of the cap-adorned gang to be revealed.