Earlier this month, we reported that actress Paz de la Huerta will not be returning to the hit HBO series Boardwalk Empire in Season 3. Last night at the WGA Awards, series creator Terence Winter confirmed the actress will no longer be a series regular, but that she may appear on the show once again.

Here's what he had to say below, comparing his show to another HBO series he once wrote for, The Sopranos.

"On The Sopranos, too, we had so many people that came and went, sometimes you wouldn't see somebody for an entire season, and they popped back. As long as you're not dead on the show, you can always come back. Even if you are [dead]! Dreams, flashbacks, anything can happen."

Terence Winter also revealed that Season 3 will feature more stories from Cicero and Chicago.

"Cicero in [1924] became the headquarters of Al Capone, and [Michael Shannon's] Van Alden has a way of getting himself into interesting situations."

Boardwalk Empire will likely debut Season 3 sometime this fall, although a season premiere date has not been announced yet.