CNN has decided to pull two episodes of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown that included the chef's girlfriend, Asia Argento. The removal of the episodes comes as Argento faces allegations of sexual assault. The actress allegedly had sex with actor Jimmy Bennett when he was 17-years old and paid him $380,000 in hush money. Argento claims that it was Bourdain's idea to pay off Bennett in order to make the whole situation go away. While Argento denies the allegations, there are some alleged text messages from the actress that say otherwise.

The two episodes of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown that feature Asia Argento take place in Rome and Hong Kong. Before Bourdain's death, the chef called the Rome episode "our most beautiful show," and called the Hong Kong show a "professional highlight." Argento directed the Hong Kong episode, which Bourdain really enjoyed. He said that the episode was "a very special show for me because it was an odd and miraculous confluence of events." CNN has pulled the shows from the network and even the CNN Go streaming application.

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It is not clear if CNN will ever air the air the two episodes of Parts Unknown featuring Asia Argento again, but for now, those two shows have been pulled indefinitely. The network also decided to pull another episode where Anthony Bourdain talks to a therapist about his depression in Buenos Aires. While CNN pulled the Argento shows for her allegations of sexual misconduct, they have not issued a statement on why they have decided to stop showing the therapy session from the Buenos Aires episode.

Asia Argento has also been dropped from the upcoming 12th season of The X Factor Italy but will more than likely end up in episodes that have already been filmed. Argento denies having had sexual relations with Jimmy Bennett in a recent statement, but photos of the two in bed have surfaced, one of which were the actress is topless. Rain Dove, who is dating Rose McGowan, gave personal texts with Argento over to law enforcement, which soon leaked out publicly. In the texts, Argento admits to the sex, but says that Bennett jumped her and that she was unaware that he was 17-years old at the time.

Asia Argento has been a major voice in the #MeToo movement since last October when the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke. However, since her own sexual misconduct allegations, the actress has been relatively silent, with many of her allies, including Rose McGowan, distancing themselves from her. For now, it seems that Argento will stay out of the spotlight for the time being. For fans of Anthony Bourdain, this news might not be welcome, especially since the two episodes of Parts Unknown that CNN pulled were two of his favorites of the whole series. Buzz Feed was the first to report about CNN pulling the episodes.