One of the most beloved yet underrated series on network TV is coming to a close in 2015, as Parks and Recreation debuts its Season 7 trailer. This first footage offers a sneak peak at the heartbreaking finale season, which brings things back to the future. We also get to see the return of Johnny Karate and the arrival of drones.

Parks and Recreation Season 7 will pick-up where Season 6 left off, answering all of the cliffhanger questions that were posed when the comedy series left us all hanging in the year 2017. Yes, we will be visiting all of our favorite Pawnee characters two years into the future. Chris Pratt is quite successful as kids' entertainer Johnny Karate and even has his own TV show. Tom's (Aziz Ansari) dream of become a successful Mogul has come true. And Leslie...Well, she's still quoting The Notebook, which is, in 2017, considered a classic from the new golden age of Hollywood.


Take a look as Parks and Recreation leaps forward in time. Each of your favorite Pawnee residents will be given a proper send off, and we're even promised a few flashbacks to the time we've missed between the last two seasons. Are you ready to say good-bye? Leslie and her friends sure aren't! Everything concludes with an hour long series finale on February 24. Take a look at the final trailer below.