PSA: Parks and Recreation is leaving most streaming services very soon. The fan-favorite comedy is currently streaming on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. It has been conveniently and abundantly available for virtually anyone subscribed to a major streaming service. But that is all going to change as the show is going to be exclusively streaming on Peacock, the recently-launched streaming service from NBCUniversal, starting next week. Plan accordingly.

It was reported last year in September that NBCUniversal had cut a deal that would move Park and Recreation to Peacock exclusively in October 2020. The date is fast approaching and that means the series is departing every other service very soon. Netflix already has a message warning viewers that the show will only be available until October 1. So those who are looking to binge the show once more without commercial interruption who don't have a premium subscription to Peacock may want to do so sooner rather than later. Though Peacock does have a free version that will still allow people to watch it, but ads will be part of the equation.

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Parks and Recreation originally aired on NBC so, from a branding standpoint, the move makes a lot of sense. But as many companies are finding out, deals that were made before everyone decided to get into the streaming business for themselves have made things complicated. NBCUniversal had to work had to get some of its biggest shows for Peacock as pre-existing deals were in place. Netflix, for example, had also been the primary home of The Office. But the equally beloved sitcom will also be making its way to Peacock exclusively in 2021. For the rights, they are paying $100 million per year.

Deals like this are made all the more impressive when one considers that Parks and Recreation has been off the air since 2015. Be that as it may, streaming has allowed the show to have a huge second life. The cast reunited for a remotely-produced reunion special earlier this year, which was met with a warm response from fans. Though the indication is that this will be more of a one-time deal and not the gateway to a larger, more substantial reunion. But the response to the special indicates having the rights to the show exclusively will be highly beneficial for Peacock.

Parks and Recreation started its run in 2009 with a cast led by Amy Poehler as Lesli Knope. The cast also includes Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, Rashida Jones, Adam Scott, Rob Lowe, Aubrey Plaza, Jim O'Heir, Retta and Aziz Ansari. It ran for seven seasons, totaling 126 episodes.

Peacock launched earlier this year entering a crowded streaming landscape that now includes Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Apple TV+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and more. The service has a free, ad-supported tier, as well as a premium version with ads for $4.99 per month of an all-inclusive tier for $9.99 per month with no ads. Parks and Recreation is available now via the Peacock streaming app.