After unsuccessfully trying to run against Leslie Knoppe (Amy Poehler) for Pawnee City Council in Season 4, NBC's Parks and Recreation is bringing back Paul Rudd as Bobby Newport in two episodes of the sitcom's final season. The actor managed to film his scenes while also shooting the Marvel movie Ant-Man earlier this year. When asked how Bobby Newport, heir to the Sweetums company, will be brought back on the show, executive producer Michael Schur had this to say during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"Ben (Adam Scott) needs to fill a certain position in the town and he thinks that Bobby might be a good candidate."

It isn't exactly clear when Paul Rudd's two-episode arc will air on NBC. The actor joins a slew of returning Parks and Rec veterans, including Rashida Jones (Ann Perkins), Rob Lowe (Chris Trager), Megan Mullally (Tammy), Jon Hamm (Ed) and Natalie Morales (Lucy). Michael Schur added that Paul Rudd was "high on the list" of guest stars they wanted to bring back for the seventh and final season.

"He's the world's nicest human being-and the funniest. We made a list of all the people that we wanted to have back and he was high on the list, so we managed to snag him."

As you may recall, Parks and Recreation Season 6 ended with quite a surprise, flash-forwarding to the year 2017. In 2017, Tom (Aziz Ansari) has achieved his dream of becoming a successful businessman, while Andy (Chris Pratt) has become a famous children's entertainer known as Johnny Karate, who even has his own TV show. The final season kicks off with a one-hour premiere on Tuesday, January 13, and concludes with a one-hour finale on Tuesday, February 24. In case you missed it from earlier this month, you can check out the Season 7 trailer. Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler recently starred in the big-screen comedy They Came Together.