The creators of Brickleberry are back and even more crazy than ever before with their new show Paradise PD, which will premiere on Netflix in August. Now, we have our first-look at the series through a very NSFW trailer. The new promo material is one of the crazier trailers released in recent memory. Animated dogs doing drugs and engaging in sexual acts, cops shooting each other, racism, sexism, and more, all rolled into a barley 2-minute trailer. If you're easily offended, you might want to steer clear of Paradise PD. These cops are unlike any law enforcement that has ever been seen before, and that includes Super Troopers and Police Academy.

Brickleberry creators Roger Black and Waco O'Guin set out to make the new Netflix animated series Paradise PD after the last show was canceled on Comedy Central after 3 seasons. The results are something that looks pretty similar in terms of feel and animation to Brickleberry, but the creators are able to get as extreme as they want on Netflix, which is clearly evident in the first trailer for the series. Paradise PD received a 10-episode run from the streaming giant back in April of this year.

Paradise PD features some really bad cops. Not bad like no nonsense. Not bad like cool. Bad like not very good at their jobs at all. Paradise PD aren't the first responders, they're the worst responders. The adult animated comedy series is about a backwater Southern-fried, small-town police department and all of the crazy stuff that goes on there. The cast includes Chief Randall Crawford (Tom Kenny), Gina Jabowski (Sarah Chalke), Stanley Hopson (Dana Snyder), Gerald Fitzgerald (Cedric Yarbrough), Kevin Crawford (Dave Herman), Bullet the Dog (Kyle Kinane), Dusty Marlow (Dana Snyder), and Mayor Karen Crawford (Grey Griffin).

Paradise PD co-creator Roger Black is also known as insult comic Yucko the Clown from the Howard Stern Show. He was a regular guest on the show when Stern made his move from terrestrial radio to Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, and now appears occasionally, but as himself. Black is also known for starring in the Damn! Show with partner Waco O'Guin. The two partnered up with Comedy Central and Daniel Tosh to create the Brickleberry series, which the duo had been kicking around for years by the time it was actually picked up.

Paradise PD will fit in nicely with fans of Brickleberry as well as the more extreme episodes of Rick and Morty. However, even 20 seconds into the trailer and it's evident that the show is not going to be for everybody. The new series is certainly going for shock value, which is very similar to the past work of Roger Black and Waco O'Guin. It's going to be pretty interesting to see how comedy fans react to Paradise PD, which premieres on August 31st. If you'd like a tease, watch the NSFW trailer below, provided by Netflix streaming services.

Paradise PD poster