In one of the more...unexpected casting announcements in recent memory, Cinderella star Lily James and Captain America: The Winter Soldier star Sebastian Stan are reportedly in talks to portray Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee respectively in a new limited series for Hulu. The project, which for now has been given the working title of Pam & Tommy, will delve into and explore the often-tumultuous relationship between the rock star and the model-turned-actress, centering around the infamous incident in which their honeymoon sex tape was stolen and leaked to the public.

The limited series is set to be produced by Seth Rogen and his pal and frequent collaborator Evan Goldberg producing via Point Grey, with Rogen also reportedly playing the disgruntled man who became a sex tape thief. Dylan Sellers of Limelight will also executive produce with Annapurna producing, with The Wrestler and The Founder writer Rob Siegel on board to pen the eight-episode miniseries. I, Tonya director Craig Gillespie is on board to helm the project. Currently, neither Anderson nor Lee is involved with the series.

For those who are perhaps too young to remember the scandal, or even for those who simply steer clear of all things celebrity, the incredibly private tape was stolen by a disgruntled electrician named Rand Gauthier. After being fired, Gauthier had returned with hopes of collecting his tools, but claims that Tommy Lee threatened him with a shotgun and ordered him to leave the property. A few months later, Gauthier returned and stole a safe containing the infamous sex tape, and, using his contacts in the porn industry, teamed up with friend Milton Ingley to make copies and sell them online for around $60 dollars. While not exactly a heist of Ocean's 11 proportions, the incident proved to be huge scandal, dominating headlines for some time.

While this event will play a major part in the series, the series will also focus on the whirlwind relationship between the celebrity pair, beginning with their marriage in 1995, which took place after the couple had only known each other for 96 hours. The leaked VHS tape went on to become quite the legal dispute, with Pamela Anderson first filing a $10 million lawsuit against the video distribution company Internet Entertainment Group, before eventually signing the copyright over to Club Love founder Seth Warshavsky, who later cut a deal with Vivid Entertainment to legally sell physical copies of the movie on DVD, VHS and even CD-ROM. Never underestimate how desperate people are to see famous people making the beast with two backs.

The Pam & Tommy project has been in development for a few years, with James Franco first circling the role of Tommy Lee. But the series was left to gather dust due to the studio struggling to cast the role of Baywatch star Pamela Anderson. Clearly, they feel that Baby Driver star Lily James is right for the part, and though it may be a little difficult to imagine, she has proven herself to be a versatile actress across both the big and small screen.

As for Stan, he has worked alongside director Craig Gillespie before in I, Tonya, and is suiting up again as Marvel hero Bucky Barnes in the Disney+ series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. This comes to us courtesy of Deadline.