TVweb Ownership, Funding and Advertising Policy

TVweb is owned and operated by online publisher WATCHR Media, Inc., based in Las Vegas, Nevada. WATCHR Media was formed in 2002. Movieweb was actually the first online movie news and information source, having been continuously online (and operated by the same team) since 1995. Movieweb's television 'sister' site, TVweb was launched in 2013, to bring the same obsessive industry coverage to the world of television. WATCHR operates all of the brands and extensions of both Movieweb and TVweb across all platforms where our users experience the brands including but not limited to: Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, IMDb and a variety of other platforms. Additionally, WATCHR has made content available from Movieweb and TVweb to other companies including Amazon/IMDb, Roku (via CTV partners which have included 495 Communications and AnswerMedia). Neither WATCHR, nor its any of its commercial partners, influences, dictates, or otherwise interferes with the coverage decisions of the writers or editors on Movieweb or TVweb. These contributors to the site cover topics of their interest and choosing in their voice and supported by their own opinion, knowledge and background work.

Writers, editors and other contributors to the site may have relationships with studios, networks, promotional agencies and/or other firms through which those contributors to the site(s) gain access to exclusive content, interviews, review opportunities, screenings and other access. These relationships are important to providing those contributors the access to information and content that gets our readers the very best and most informed and accurate information. We do not pay for this access, nor do these contributors. We are also not paid for anything that the contributors may write or post as a result of this access. To ensure that our contributors are not influenced or swayed by this access, we abide by an ethics policy that we expect all contributors to follow, which is posted here.

WATCHR properties (i.e Movieweb and TVweb) are self/organically funded by the revenue operations of those sites, primarily through advertising. Programmatic advertising is the primary source of revenue (although WATCHR has also engaged in affiliate referral programs, content syndication and direct e-commerce on the properties). WATCHR also sometimes works with direct advertisers for larger integrated promotions. In all cases, however, the writers/contributors, editors and the entire editorial team operate independently of revenue operations (i.e. advertising, sponsorship, affiliate referrals, etc.). Advertising, sponsorship and other revenue clients/partners do not influence editorial coverage, perspectives, stories or other content. Editorial coverage and content from a variety of perspectives and backgrounds are encouraged – supporting objectivity and accuracy. Content is not influenced or restricted by commercial interests.

WATCHR properties (i.e Movieweb and TVweb) also run 'native' advertising campaigns, or campaigns that are sponsored content that may appear integrated with the site. In all cases, those sponsored content pieces will be clearly labeled as such. When our properties run affiliate referral program links (where we get paid for a user clicking on a link to purchase products from the referred site), we will also clearly indicate those affiliate referral relationships.