If yesterday's first look photo of Arrow's Caity Lotz as Black Canary wasn't enough, the CW Network has released 20 more photos from the Season 2 episode "Crucible", airing Wednesday, October 30. Take a look at the photos, and be sure to tune in tonight for the season's second episode, "Identity" at 8 PM ET on The CW Network.

<strong><em>Arrow</em></strong> Crucible Photo 1

<strong><em>Arrow</em></strong> Crucible Photo 2

<strong><em>Arrow</em></strong> Crucible Photo 3

<strong><em>Arrow</em></strong> Crucible Photo 4

<strong><em>Arrow</em></strong> Crucible Photo 5

<strong><em>Arrow</em></strong> Crucible Photo Gallery photo 1
<strong><em>Arrow</em></strong> Crucible Photo Gallery photo 2
<strong><em>Arrow</em></strong> Crucible Photo Gallery photo 3
<strong><em>Arrow</em></strong> Crucible Photo Gallery photo 4
<strong><em>Arrow</em></strong> Crucible Photo Gallery photo 5
<strong><em>Arrow</em></strong> Crucible Photo Gallery photo 6

Oliver discovers a man who goes by the name "The Mayor" (guest star Clé Bennett) is bringing illegal guns in to The Glades, so Oliver sponsors a "Cash for Guns" event to help clean up the city. Unfortunately, The Mayor crashes the event with his gang and seriously injures Sin (guest star Bex Taylor-Klaus). The Canary is furious when she learns her friend is in the hospital and sets out for revenge. Meanwhile, Felicity stuns Oliver with a bit of information about the Canary, Donner (guest star Dylan Bruce) asks Laurel to dinner, and Diggle reconnects with an old friend.

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