Now that you've had a couple weeks to get through Outer Banks on Netflix (it did, after all, drop on April 15th, more than 2 weeks ago now), you're likely either sifting through the other shows or, maybe, starting on your second run-through binge.

After a brief summer mystery-romance-adventure that has altered the lives of all the show's main characters in seemingly unimaginable ways, fans are left asking for answers and hungry for more... as Outer Banks Season 2, perhaps? There really was no 'cliff-hanger' in the ending of season 1, and fans could choose to believe anything about the end of the Pogues' story that they wanted. While there's not yet any official word out of Netflix regarding an Outer Banks Season 2, the creators/writers already have a second season (and, really, more) on their minds.


Spoiler Alert: This story will spoil Outer Banks Season 1 for you, so if you haven't watched the whole season, do that first - and then come back to check this out.

So many questions: What is next for John B and Sarah? When will JJ, Pope and Kie learn that their friends didn't perish in the storm? Will Pope ever recover his path to his dream, make a name for himself and find a way out? Will Pope and Kie evolve into a couple? Can JJ evade Barry, the drug dealer he robbed? Is there any path to redemption for Rafe? How can Ward ever look either of his daughters in the eyes again? Who will end up with that $400 million treasure?


Outer Banks Recap and Spoilers

Netflix Outer Banks Season 1 JJ and Kiara

As you doubtless know by now, our main quartet, the Pogues (John B, JJ, Pope and Kie) nearly became very wealthy, having found (and lost) the long-sought $400 million treasure of the Royal Merchant, a sunken vessel that has anchored immense mystery and numerous homicides. Along the way, young love, sometimes forbidden, blossomed, and Sarah's family teetered into the season finale on the precipice of destruction.

As the final episode of Outer Banks season 1 wrapped, John B and Sarah narrowly escaped a 'Jack and Rose' (of Titanic) fate as they ran from the law and Sarah's rather unhinged father, Ward and brother, Rafe. John B was accused of a murder he did not commit, while Sarah's father sought to convince authorities she was essentially an unwitting, naïve and deeply emotionally disturbed captive of John B. As the finale plays out, though, Ward is frantically juggling the pieces of his life that are slipping like outer banks beach sand through his fingers, despite the fact that he's already made off with the $400 million in gold that he stole right out from under the noses of John B and the Pogues.


While JJ, Pope and Kie all seem to end the season in pretty reasonable shape, except maybe for Pope, who literally ran out of his scholarship interview, the Cameron family is seemingly circling the drain. Ward, of course, has more lives than a cat, and is no doubt conniving a path out of the noose that seems to be tightening around his neck.

The very definition of irony, John B and Sarah are rescued at sea, floating on the wreckage of JJ's dad's former drug running boat, by a freighter bound for Nassau (in The Bahamas). This, of course, is where Sarah's dad, Ward, squirreled away the gold treasure, and seemingly John B and Sarah are now off and running to the treasure before anyone even knows that the race is on.


Will There Be an Outer Banks Season 2?

Netflix Outer Banks Season 1 Pogues

So what now? Will there be an Outer Banks season 2 at Netflix? Are John and Sarah truly going to beat Ward to The Bahamas and steal that treasure, or will Ward, Rafe and the family be there - surprised to see John B and Sarah show up?

Jonas and Josh Pate, along with Shannon Burke, the co-creators have envisioned the show as a 4-season novel, so now that Netflix has officilially greenlit the second season, there will be much more in store.

Jonas Pate told Entertainment Weekly that before [season 1] ever released, Netflix had given them the approval to write some [season 2] scripts, so they've already been working on that for a few months, indicating that the co-creators have always seen OBX as more than a single season.

"Ever since we started, we always viewed it as something that was probably like a four-season, maybe five-season show, but definitely four seasons."

Pate went on to say that, "we love the mashup of friends on this fantasy thrilling adventure, and we feel like we really just played the opening round of that story. And now that the audience knows our characters and the baseline engine of the mystery is going, we just feel like we have a lot more good twists and turns left to explore, so we're excited for more."

Madelyn Cline, who plays Sarah, in a recent Cosmopolitan interview said she would definitely be down for a 2nd outing: "I mean, I am for sure down to do a second season. The answer to that will always be yes. We as a cast have talked about it, and we've kinda talked about where we'd like to go with our characters and explore-but we don't really know. Which is really cool, because we're kinda going into it as a blank slate, kind of like we did last year. So it gives us that room to explore with characters and each other, and especially because we know each other so well now, it'll be great to kinda sit down and explore character dynamics with each other."


Outer Banks Season 2 - Story

Netflix Outer Banks Cast

Chase Stokes, who plays the free-spirited John B, in an online interview with Entertainment Tonight, elaborated on the threat that John B made to Ward Cameron over the radio as he and Sarah ventured into the storm:

"John B sticks to his word. He does everything he says he'll do. He's out for one thing and one thing only, and that's revenge."

Cline definitely wants to know more. She recently told Glamour, "I'm really interested to see where the Pogues go after this. Do they stick together? Do they disband?"

Cline went on to say, "In my mind, what I see is this Blue Lagoon or Castaway scenario where they get to the Bahamas and have the gold bars, and they live in this really romantic, Bonnie and Clyde-type Blue Lagoon world. They're just in this honeymoon phase of "We've run away from home, we're in love, we're in this beautiful place, and there are no problems." I would really love to see everything they've been running from catch up to them. I think they might have to go back to the Outer Banks because of the Pogues and confront all the things they've been running from."


Josh Pate, a co-creator of the series doesn't "want to give anything away", but told The Wrap that, "I think the thing that we want to continue the most is just the sense of fun and mystery and friendship and adventure. And it's definitely looking like The Bahamas at the beginning of Season 2, that that's where we're gonna go."

Shannon Burke, the other co-creator, added "Yeah, I would say it's probably not a false promise, it's not a misdirect or something. But we'll just see where it goes. But, you know, it's 'Outer Banks' so some of the characters will definitely still be in the Outer Banks, too. We don't really know, we'll have to figure it out. But whatever we can think of that's the most fun and the most exciting and still keeping the free-spirited feeling of the show that we all strained to keep or just want to keep really."


While season two would see John B and Sarah head to the The Bahamas in search of the gold, Jonas Pate told USA Today that the Outer Banks would still be the primary 'home' of the series.

"There would be a couple episodes that take place, at least partially, in The Bahamas. It unfolds into a bigger mystery.

Pate continued, "We keep our old villains and we add some new ones. But it always comes back to the Outer Banks." Jonas had also told Entertainment Weekly that the Outer Banks is their 'spiritual home', "So we'll get back to the Outer Banks pretty quickly."

Stokes recently told Star News Online, "I will freak out if we go to The Bahamas. I thought I was living the dream already, but going to the Bahamas would be the absolute peak."


While recently quarantining together with Madelyn Cline and the other cast members, Stokes told Entertainment Tonight, "Now we know where the gold is, so I think it's an exciting time to [ask] what are John G and Sarah really going to get into now? We thought it was dark and dirty then but it's gonna get real."

Stokes told USA Today that, "I think it will be fun to dive into some uncharted territory - story-wise and culturally. There is just so much diverse culture down there in The Bahamas for us to explore. And for John B and Sarah, this is really fight or flight. We don't have anything on us, except a chunk of gold. How do we manage our lives?" Generally, Stokes is excited to see the young couple on the run and working everything out on their own. John B, of course, has been fending for himself for nearly a year, while Sarah has had the comfortable safety net of her family's wealth to rely upon. A great adventure may be just what they need to really test the mettle of their relationship.


Outer Banks Romance

Netflix Outer Banks Season 1 Sarah and John B Kiss

There have been many rumors circulating across online and social outlets that Stokes and Cline are dating in real life. Much has been made of their onscreen chemistry, especially that soaking-wet kiss on the dock and, perhaps, the two are working on their characters outside of filming. It is true that Cline and Stokes were quarantined together recently (along with other cast-mates) and they did show up together from her apartment for a joint interview. Stokes also threw some gas on the fire by posting "Heart rate ... decreasing ... help," on a recent image posted on Cline's Instagram, causing fans to flood the comments with speculation, to which Stokes simply said, "Man I really stirred the pot here didn't I." All joking aside, when interviewed quarantined together by Entertainment Tonight, Cline said of a romance between the two, "I ship it", and Stokes added, "we're ready, yeah."


Cline, is also thinking about the young lovers and what may happen to their relationship in the future, saying, "The first season only took place over a few days, so they are in this whirlwind romance brought together by a crazy adventure and a traumatic experience. What will it mean with the conflict of everything they are running from catches up to them?"

Cline also mused about the other Pogues: "I'm interested to see what happens with Kiara and Pope and the pseudo-romance they have going on. It's funny because, when the show came out, there was this thing between them. They kissed, and Pope basically told Kiara he was in love with her. But there have been a lot of people online who ship JJ and Kiara, which is a really fun and interesting match. When Kiara turned Pope down, my heart just absolutely broke. I think both would be interesting. Who doesn't love a good love triangle?"


Jonas Pate is also considering what the future might old for romance among other Pogues, "It's been really interesting to watch the reaction to the show and to see how many people actually wanted Kiara and J.J. to be together. That was interesting to us, and so we're thinking about that, but we don't want to leave the Pope-Kiara story line short either. So we're playing with a lot of different ideas of exactly how we're going to platform Kiara's love life into season 2"

Consequences for Ward Cameron and Rafe Cameron

Netflix Outer Banks Season 1 Ward Cameron and John B

Jonas Pate, a co-creator of the series, told Entertainment Weekly that: "Ward is a very crafty character, as you saw in the first season. He's very slippery. And he's willing to bend the truth and do all kinds of things that will drive you crazy because you just want him to get justice, and I think we'll ride that line a little longer in season 2. But we'll also introduce some new villains too. So the story will broaden a little bit as we go into season 2."


Thinking more about what needs to happen in a 2nd season of Outer Banks, Madelyn Cline had this to say to Glamour about Sarah's daddy issues: "You see that Sarah and Ward have such a strong bond in the beginning of the show. And with family, you never quite give up on them. Deep down, they're still your blood. You still love them, even though they've done something immeasurably wrong. I don't know if their relationship would ever be the same, but I would really love to see Sarah confront Ward and see what happens. We've seen her gain her own voice, so what kind of conversation would come out of that?"

"I think, honestly, karma's a bitch. I do think that Ward is going to get what is coming to him.

She continued, telling Glamour, "I'm interested to see in what capacity. It'll be really interesting to see how he recovers from this because you see he cares about his family. That's my take on him, approaching it from a place of empathy. He got himself into a really bad situation. That's his own doing. From his own choices. And because of the choices he made, he continued trying to cover it up, and things just got worse and worse and worse. I think the loss of his family-his family kind of crumbling-is probably affecting him really deeply. So I think he's probably going to be at odds with himself and pretty broken."


Considering what a new season of Outer Banks might mean for Ward Cameron (played by Charles Esten), Sarah's father, Stokes recently teased to Newsweek that one of his big question for an upcoming season would be, "what's going to happen with the Camerons? All of these puppet strings Ward has kind of been playing are now coming loose and he doesn't really have control over his world anymore. I feel like there definitely will be consequences for Ward or Rafe, so that will be interesting to see how that plays out."

What about Rafe? Can Sarah ever forgive Rafe and move on? Will Rafe ever face justice for killing Sherriff Peterkin? Cline told Glamour that, "Along the same lines as Sarah's relationship with Ward, with family you don't ever truly give up. But Rafe is a different one. They've always been at odds with each other. I think Rafe is a completely different piece. I don't know. As far as forgiveness is concerned, because of what happened on the tarmac, I feel like that would take a lot. Just everything. How unhinged he was."


Jonas Pate told Entertainment Weekly that, "We want to continue to develop Rafe's pathology as he starts to come apart after having murdered Peterkin in season 1. So he'll play a big part in season 2, for sure."

What Happens to the Pogues

Netflix Outer Banks Season 1 Pogues

Stokes recently told Entertainment Tonight that, for Outer Banks season 2, he wants to see: "the Pogues reunite, John B figure out a way to clear his name, completely, and how and where John B and Sarah go and is this something sustainable, or are they in over their heads?"

When discussing the topic of revenge for the Pogues in an upcoming season 2, wondering if - believing John B and Sarah are dead, the other Pogues will seek revenge, Madison Bailey, how plays Kiara, told Seventeen that he Pogues would absolutely seek revenge, "It would be very off-brand if we didn't."


Going further, she said that the feeling of loss (felt by the disappearance of John B and Sarah) would mean that, "There's gonna be a whole new dynamic. How do you go about life without your best friend? I think it's going to be rough on everyone. And we're going to have to come together and take care of each other now more than ever. But revenge is going to be on all of our minds."

Peering into the views of the other Pogues, many viewers were left on edge for Jonathan Daviss' Pope. He ran out of his interview in a futile attempt to help stop the gold treasure from slipping through the Pogues' fingers. Did he make the right decision? Can he ever get 'out', now? Jonathan Daviss told Seventeen, "What's really interesting is how fast he runs out of that interview once he figures it out. He doesn't second guess it. As soon as he figures it out he's like, 'I'm gone.' Because that's how important his friends are to him. His friends are more important than thinking it over in his head. He could have waited to the end, but he didn't. That's how important those people are to him. Because if this is important to John B, Kiara, and JJ, then it's important to him."


He went on to say, "I think he's struggling to find his path within his look and his ego. I think at the end of the day, family is what's most important to him." Pope definitely seems to be driven by an internal compass to find his path out of the OBX and the racially and economically divided culture there. Will he get another opportunity? Daviss said, "I don't know. I think if he goes back and gets the scholarship anyway, that sacrifice was for nothing. I think that's something he's going to have to live and deal with. He's going to have to find a new way to get what he wants, because that was his opportunity and he walked out on it. Sometimes in life you just don't get second chances. He's going to have to figure out what's important to him. If he still wants to go into forensics, he's going to have to figure out a new path."


Without John B (remember, at the end of season one, the Pogues believe he's disappeared in the storm - perhaps a fitting end, given how they believed his father disappeared), how will the remaining Pogues move forward? Daviss thinks: "I'm interested to see if we do move forward with the second season, where the Pogues relationship is going to be without John B. Are they going to stick together as a family? Are they going to separate because of it? Is that relationship going to stick or are they going to be afraid? It's something interesting to explore I think."

Rudy Pankow (the show's JJ) said, in his interview with Seventeen, said, "Justice is going to be served, but it's just a matter of who does it. I think I really want to see him [JJ] struggle with coming to terms with the fact that his best friend is gone, and what's the point in trying anymore?"


When will Outer Banks season 2 come out?

Netflix Outer Banks Season 1 Pogues

So what about that Outer Banks Season 2 release date? Throwing the cold water of pandemic reality on fans', creators' and casts' hopes for a 2nd season, the global lockdown is going to play hell with any potential filming schedule for Outer Banks. Every major movie and series is being delayed during the shutdown, which will cause an immense and long-suffering delay in all of these projects, lasting long after states 'reopen'. With crews, equipment, soundstages, post-production houses and more industry resources already stretched pretty thin before the lockdown, as all the projects are pushed back, the backlog against available resources is just building. So once the lockdown lifts, and projects can restart, there will be a massive effort to shoehorn all of these projects into the pipeline. This said, now that Netflix has officially announced another season, the 2nd season likely won't be able to film very soon. With reopenings pausing and many states suffering outbreaks, production may have to wait until well into 2021, which would put a 2nd season premier into late 2021 or even early 2022 (April 15th 2022 maybe) before we get another fix of Pogue adventures and finally find out whether John B and Sarah make it to The Bahamas, get the gold back and make it home to the Outer Banks to their friends. We can always hope that the cast and crew can find a way to get into production sooner, and hold out hopes that we may see them return to the streamer by April 2021, though.