The 2018 Academy Awards managed to leave some very important names out of their In Memoriam segment, including Batman star Adam West. Every year, the Academy Awards take several minutes during the show to acknowledge those who impacted the movie industry, who passed away during the course of the past twelve months. Names big and small all appear in the In Memoriam segment, but from time to time, the Academy manages to omit some pretty significant names. This year was no different, as Adam West was just one of many names not included in the reel.

Adam West passed away in June 2017 and his impact can not be understated. In a world where comic book movies and TV shows represent a large chunk of the most popular and influential content in Hollywood, West is largely regarded as a pioneer now, as the star of the 1960s Batman TV series and the 1966 Batman movie. Decades before the comic book movie boom, West made the Caped Crusader a household brand and, beyond that, had a career that spanned literally up until his death. So the fact that he wasn't included in the In Memoriam reel is pretty surprising.


Often times, the Oscars may decide to not include someone when they are primarily known as a TV star. In the case of Adam West, that may certainly be true, as he's best known for his work on the Batman TV series and Family Guy, during his later years. However, he also starred in plenty of movies, including Meet the Robinsons, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Robinson Crusoe on Mars, Chicken Little, Geronimo, and The Young Philadelphian, in addition to the 1966 Batman movie. So it would seem that his body of work would justify an inclusion in the segment.

However, Adam West was far from the only name that wasn't included in this year's In Memoriam reel at the Oscars. One of the most glaring omissions was Tobe Hooper, who directed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist. Though, it's been suggested over the years with some evidence that Steven Spielberg actually directed Poltergeist, but still. What's truly surprising about this particular omission is that the Oscars actually used a clip from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in one of the montages shown earlier in the night. Hooper was a massively influential horror director and, in a year where Get Out was one of the most celebrated movies at the Oscars, his name being left off is truly unfortunate.


Others not included in this year's In Memoriam reel included actors John Mahoney, Powers Boothe, Reg E. Cathey, Della Rees, Robert Guillaume, Nelsan Ellis, and singer Chris Cornell, who wrote the theme song for Daniel Craig's first James Bond movie, Casino Royale. Oscar winners including actress Dorothy Malone and singer Glen Campbell were also overlooked this year. With all of that taken into account, it's hard to write off Adam West's omission as a result of him mostly being known as a TV star. It seems like the Oscar's simply dropped the ball. There are a lot of very important names here that certainly seem worthy of recognition.