The seventh and final season of Orange Is the New Black is set to premiere on Netflix next month, and a new trailer and key art has just been released. It's been quite a ride for the beloved series after about six years on the streaming service, but like a prison sentence, all things must come to an end. To go back into Litchfield for one last hurrah with the ladies locked up inside, fans can check out the final season of the show when it debuts on July 26.

The key art for the final Orange is the New Black season features fan artwork from across the world. To honor the fans, the cast and creators of the show chose to use artwork from ten separate artists from the UK, Armenia, Brazil, Italy, and the United States. Each of the images were hand selected on social media to be used in the final season's marketing on busses, buildings, and billboards all across the planet. The art features portraits of many of the show's fan favorites, each done in their own unique style.

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While Piper is now technically a free woman, she will still feel like a prisoner in many ways as she now tries to ingratiate herself back into society. As seen in the Season 7 trailer, the difficulties former inmates face upon their release will be explored, and the challenges will continue for Piper even considering her parole. Clearly, her life on the outside will be touched on in the new episodes, but the ladies who remain behind bars are left to make the best of their own unfortunate situations as well. Life in Litchfield will go on even if the series doesn't, and most of the women will remain locked up by the close of the season. Let's hope many of our fan favorite characters are able to find some purpose before the story comes to its end.

Saying goodbye to Orange Is the New Black isn't particularly easy for Netflix, either. While the service has controversially canceled many popular shows after just a few seasons, OITNB will have an impressive seven-season run. It has been touted as the most-watched original series on Netflix, and has been very popular since its debut on the service in 2013. The show has received tons of critical acclaim as well, scoring many prestigious nominations at the Golden Globe Awards, the Writers Guild of America Awards, and the Primetime Emmy Awards. The series was the first to ever receive Emmy nominations in both the Drama and Comedy categories, and Uzo Aduba picked up a win for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama.

The seventh and final season of Orange Is the New Black will premiere on Netflix on July 26. It would seem that the series has served its time, and we'll see if the ladies of Litchfield will close the show out with a bang. For those sad about the series ending, well, there's always the possibility of a spin-off. You can check out the new trailer for Season 7 below, courtesy of Netflix on YouTube.

Orange is the New Black Season 7 poster