Showtime is getting in the Kanye West business, and Jaden Smith is coming along for the ride. The premium cable network has ordered a script for a new anthology series titled Omniverse. The kicker here is that Smith, the son of Hollywood superstar Will Smith, is on board to play a younger version of the prolific rapper. Not just any version mind you, but one from an alternate reality. Yes, this show sounds very weird but it's absolutely happening.

Omniverse will be presented as a limited half-hour anthology series and it's said to be "examining the many doors of perception," whatever that means. Season 1 will "explore the Ego through an alternate reality Kanye West." Again, that's not much to go on but it all sounds very ambitious and strange. West is on board as an executive producer of the series, with Jaden Smith on board to both star and produce. The show is to be written by Lee Sung Jin, who had this to say about the collaboration in a statement.

"I'm honored and thrilled to be collaborating with everyone involved to present an alternate world through the eyes of a young man somewhere in the multiverse who happens to also be a Kanye West. Omniverse is not set in our world nor about our world's Kanye West as we aim to add a new spin on alternate realities, consciousness, and push the limits of half hour narrative."

For his part, Lee Sung Jin is known for producing Amazon's series Undone. He also has a pilot for a series titled Singularity, which was directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Some of his other credits include Tuca & Bertie and HBO's comedy Silicon Valley.

For Kanye West, this marks his first major expansion into the world of scripted television. West burst onto the scene in the early 2000s as one of the most promising voices in the rap game with his album The College Dropout in 2004. Since then, he's become wildly successful and has expanded into different ventures, such as fashion and now Hollywood, it would seem. While West remains incredibly popular, his outspoken and often times confounding views on politics and life have come to define his more recent status within the pop culture landscape.

As for Jaden Smith, he's been following in his father's footsteps to some degree, with both a music and acting career. He starred the indie movie Skate Kitchen last year and has Life in a Year set to arrive this year. Some of his other credits include After Earth and The Karate Kid. His first solo album, Syre, was released in 2017.

Scooter Braun, James Shin and Scott Manson will executive produce the series for SB Projects. Miguel Melendez will executive produce for Westbrook Studios, alongside Jaden Smith. At the present time, Showtime hasn't ordered Omniverse to series, so it isn't yet clear when or if the show will actually make it to air. This news was previously reported by Deadline.