Noureen DeWulf has been making her presence known on both the big screen and small over the past few years. She starred in movies such as The Comebacks, The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, The Back-Up Plan, and The Babymakers, along with TV roles in The Hard Times of RJ Berger, Hawthorne, and Outsourced. The actress currently stars in the FX series Anger Management as Lacey, one of the patients being treated in anger management sessions by Charlie (Charlie Sheen). She recently held a conference call to discuss her role on the series, returning tonight with "Charlie's Dad" at 9:30 PM ET on FX.

The actress first discussed working alongside Charlie Sheen and the rest of her cast members in the group therapy scenes.

"I adore every single member of our group therapy. Barry Corbin and I eat lunch together everyday. It's such an unusual pairing. Actually, in this week's episode coming up we have a solo scene together which I think turned out pretty well. I love him. Derek (Richardson) and Michael (Arden), I just couldn't say nicer things about them. Then, of course, Charlie (Sheen) leading our group. It's amazing because he is such a sitcom legend. So we all look at each other and just feel like, wow. We're working with Charlie Sheen. That's really cool for actors in a sitcom world. So we're excited. I personally just adore our group. I feel the closest to them of our cast, I feel, because I spend most time with these guys. I love them."

The actress also talked about the initial trepidation she had in taking on a new series with Charlie Sheen, after he was under such intense media scrutiny last year.

"Yes, because you never know what you're walking into. Charlie did have an amazing crazy last year with so much media attention. But when there was a discussion of Charlie Sheen's big comeback to TV, I knew that Charlie, of all people, probably had the best odds of making a comeback. I wanted to be involved in his comeback on any level. It's an honor. I was excited because no matter what he's an eccentric guy. He's interesting. I knew it was going to be an awesome experience for me to have personally and professionally. I think it turned out for the best. Our premiere episode debuted higher than any other cable premiere ever had. So that's the risk I took and it was an amazing one. I'm so glad I jumped on board with him."

While the show could be described as a typical sitcom, she revealed they do not shoot the episodes in a traditional format.

"We do follow a script. It's just we don't follow the traditional sitcom format of shooting. Typically, you would get the table read on Monday and then you would rehearse Tuesday, Wednesday; Thursday and Friday shoot in front of a live audience. On our show we shoot one episode on Monday and Tuesday. We have a table read on Wednesday and we shoot the next episode on Thursday and Friday. So we're working twice as fast and we don't have a live studio audience. So it does provide an interesting challenge, I think, to all of us actors because we do want to tell and nail these jokes at the same time. There's a certain kind of confidence that it does build in you and a freshness that I think is pretty unique. So we all try to focus on that and just give it our all every day. That's what we have to do."

She also talked about jumping back and forth between movies and television, and how that has enhanced her career.

"I definitely love to go back and forth because there are such different mediums that it's fun to remind yourself how to be more thorough, how to be less thorough, how to punch a joke, how to not. Usually, I'm going back and forth in comedic television and comedies. Honestly, that's really what I do. I feel like every acting job I've gotten has been with someone legendary. I don't know why. I'm so lucky to stand in the scenes with them. I've learned so much from my co-stars. They're better acting lessons than I ever could take in a class in L.A."

Along with the non-traditional shooting format, Anger Management has a unique renewal structure as well. If FX decides to renew the show after this 10-episode first season, they will get an additional 90 episodes right away. While the network hasn't revealed yet whether or not the series will receive this huge pick-up, the actress remains hopeful for the show's future.

"They said they're not going to tell us until all the episodes have aired. They said that along the way. We're all hoping and our fingers and toes are crossed that we will get picked up and have a chance to kind of come back and do more and have more storylines. I'm excited about the possibility and I hope it happens."

You can watch Noureen DeWulf as Lacey on Anger Management, returning tonight with "Charlie's Dad" at 9:30 PM ET on FX. The season finale, "Charlie Gets Romantic" airs Thursday, August 23.