Another classic TV series is getting the revival treatment. CBS is currently in the works on a Northern Exposure revival, their hit dramedy from the 90s centered on an Alaskan doctor named Joel Fleischman. The idea of reviving this particular series has been floated for some time but it has finally materialized, with both the original creators and certain cast members on board to return for a new run.

According to a new report, the project has already been in the works behind the scenes at CBS, with original star Rob Morrow set to reprise his role as Joel Fleischman, in addition to serving as an executive producer. Co-creators John Falsey and Josh Brand are also on board to produce, with Brand penning the screenplay. Actor John Corbett, Ben Silverman and Universal TV are also on the producing team. The Northern Exposure revival will be a continuation of the story from the original run, picking up years later.

The original run of Northern Exposure centered on a New York doctor named Joel Fleischman who is forced to practice medicine in the fictional town of Cicely, Alaska as a way to repay the state for his medical education. The revival, should it actually make its way to air, will see Fleischman returning to his former home for a funeral of an old friend. Upon arriving, he'll reunite with some old friends, in addition to a new batch of quirky characters. During a panel at the 2017 ATX Television Festival, co-creator Josh Brand stated that Rob Morrow has been working to try and get a revival going.

"We would love it. [Rob Morrow] has been working, trying to get them to do it... I'm sure we all would agree that we'd love to see it. t's of a time, but it's also not of a time."

At one point, Darren E. Burrows, who played Ed Chigliak on Northern Exposure, even tried to crowdfund new episodes. This is just the latest classic series that is getting the reboot or revival treatment, which has become increasingly popular in the modern landscape as networks try to fight for viewers' attention. Other once-popular shows that have already been brought back include Will and Grace and Murphy Brown with the original cast, while The CW recently rebooted Charmed with a new trio of stars. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Designing Women and even Frasier are all also at various stages of making a comeback.

Northern Exposure originally ran on CBS for six seasons from 1990 to 1995 totaling 110 episodes. During its run, the series was nominated for an impressive 57 Emmys, taking home 27, which includes a 1992 Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series. At the present time, there is no word on when the revival could actually begin filming or make its way to air, but if CBS gets its act together, it's possible they could have it ready to go for the fall 2019 seasons. This news was previously reported by The Hollywood Reporter.