Back in late June, the Syfy network issued a pilot order for Nightflyers, based on the George R.R. Martin novel, and now it may be nearing a series order, although not on Syfy. A new report reveals that Syfy and Universal Cable Productions, which both produced the pilot, are finalizing a deal with Netflix for a straight-to-series order. The deal would reportedly include Netflix getting international distribution rights and a second window for the series domestically, meaning it will air on Netflix after debuting on Syfy, although the terms of the deal are still being worked out.

Deadline broke the news on this potential series order, while also revealing that the series has set Dan Cerone (Constantine, The Blacklist, The Mentalist) as the showrunner. He will also executive produce the series alongside Jeff Buhler (Jacob's Ladder), who wrote the pilot script, Hypnotic's Gene Klein, David Bartis and Doug Liman, who all produce UCP's Suits, Gaeta Rosenzweig Films' Alison Rosenzweig and Michael Gaeta, and Lloyd Ivan Miller Productions' Lloyd Ivan Miller and Alice P. Neuhauser. Nightflyers was previously adapted into a 1987 feature film, with the screenwriter, Robert Jaffe, serving as a producer.

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Author George R.R. Martin himself will have no involvement in the series, since he is under an exclusive deal with HBO for his hit fantasy series Game of Thrones, which is gearing up to launch a number of spin-offs after the flagship show signs off. Syfy and UCP have also set Mike Cahill to direct the pilot episode. The filmmaker's work has spanned from the big screen, with films such as Another Earth and I, Origins, to the small screen, directing episodes of The Magicians, The Path and Rise. He is also an accomplished editor, although it remains to be seen if he'll have that role on the series as well.

This sci-fi TV series is set in the future, just before the destruction of Earth, following a crew of explorers on the most technologically-advanced ship in the galaxy, known as The Nightflyer, to intercept a mysterious alien spacecraft that might hold the key to their survival. In the hope of making contact with alien life, eight maverick scientists and a powerful telepath embark on an expedition to the edge of our solar system aboard the Nightflyer, a ship with a small, tightknit crew and a reclusive captain, who is never seen. As terrifying events begin to unfold on the ship, the crew members start to wonder if the ship's A.I., and the captain they've never met, are taking them straight into a deadly trap.

If a straight-to-series order is given, then it's possible we could hear about casting for this series soon. The 1987 film adaptation starred Catherine Mary Stewart, Michael Praed, John Standing, Lisa Blount, Glenn Withrow, James Avery, Helene Udy, Annabel Brooks, Michael Des Barres and Jon Winderman. It seems unlikely that any of the cast members from the original movie would be sought for roles in this TV adaptation, but if Syfy, UCP and Netflix does pull the trigger on a straight-to-series order, we may get more details about this series very soon.