Horror TV is all the rage these days with the likes of The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and Ash Vs. Evil Dead all extremely popular. Deadline reports that there's about to be a new series based off of Clive Barker's 1990 horror classic Nightbreed. If that news isn't already exciting enough, Clive Barker is involved with the development of the new series. In addition, it looks like a Dead Ringers show is in the works with the support of David Cronenberg.

The news of the Nightbreed and Dead Ringers shows was somewhat buried in the article announcing that Morgan Creek Productions is looking to reboot Ace Ventura, Young Guns, Major League, and many more movies. Morgan Creek head of content, Barbara Wall, talked about the importance of having Clive Barker and David Cronenberg involved with the new shows, stressing that it is a priority to get the blessing of the original creators for the reboots. Not much else is clear about the Nightbreed series or the Dead Ringers series, but more news is expected to be announced shortly. For now, fans can rest easy knowing that the creators will have a say about the creative directions of the shows.

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Nightbreed was written and directed by horror legend Clive Barker and released in 1990. The movie is based off of Barker's 1988 novella entitled Cabal. The movie features an unstable mental patient who is falsely led to believe by his doctor that he is a serial killer. Tracked down by the police, his doctor, and his girlfriend, the character eventually finds refuge in an abandoned cemetery called Midian among a "tribe" of monsters and outcasts known as the "Nightbreed" where they hide from humanity. Nightbreed was a critical and commercial failure, but soon went on to cult status.

Over time, Clive Barker expressed his disappointment with the theatrical final cut and has always wanted to re-edit it, which he did in 2014 for a director's cut released via Scream Factory, but it still wasn't the most complete version of the movie. It was recently announced that The Cabal Cut will be released in a limited-edition Blu-ray package and it will feature never before seen footage. The limited-edition Blu-ray was rebuilt by Seraphim using the best quality footage available. A press release for The Cabal Cut reads.

"Remember the graininess and the terrible muddy quality of the VHS work prints? That's been cleared out a LOT, although for some segments they still used it; but there's no other choice for those segments that weren't found in the warehouse boxes for the Shout! Factory edition."

There's a lot to look forward to for fans of Nightbreed with The Cabal Cut coming out soon and the development of a brand-new TV series with the involvement of Clive Barker. There is currently no release date for either project, but more news is expected for both soon. In the meantime, Deadline has more information regarding the new Morgan Creek reboot series.