Beyond (January 2)

Beyond Photo

Take The Dead Zone, mash it up with The Manchurian Candidate, and you have an entirely new TV show in Beyond. This mystery from Freeform tells the story a Holden. After being in a 12 year coma he suddenly finds that he can do things he never was able to do before. This story peels the onion in episode after episode, however, it gets more complex layers with each peel. For a TV show to be this nuanced really shows you how far the medium has come in 2017. Something tells us we'll be excited about it in 2018 as well.

Powerless (February 2)

Powerless Photo

Set in the world of the DC Universe, Powerless shows us how the world deals with the destruction caused by superheroes and super-villains. As always, DC tries to merge big ideas with even bigger production value. The result? A show that makes everybody realize that even "regular people" can achieve superhuman things. This is just the kind of positive message we need from 2017 TV shows. It is coming to NBC

Emerald City (January 6)

Emerald City

This long overdue show from NBC takes us into the world of The Wizard of Oz in a very big way. It all starts when a tornado takes Dorothy Gale from Lucas, Kansas, to the magical land of Oz. Suddenly, a disastrous event, known as The Beast Forever, is put in motion. Things that are old being made new again are nothing new. However, The Wizard of Oz is sacred to many and it will be awesome to see that world expanded upon. Also, Vincent D'Onofrio is back doing TV, people! As far as upcoming TV shows in 2017, this one might just have the largest and oldest built in audience.