It's a new year. What does that mean? Well, aside from resolutions that probably won't be kept, it actually means we get some new TV shows in 2017. And that's pretty exciting. Because it looks like there are some great ones heading our way soon. So you better get your DVRs ready, because you don't want to miss a minute.

As good as the offerings have been from Netflix and even the regular sources like broadcast and cable TV, we are a feisty lot and that means we always want something more. Something fresh. Something new. A show that gets us to binge watch. We need an obsession. Well, the time to decide what that is has arrived, and the upcoming TV shows planned for early 2017 have us beyond excited.

Some of the offerings on this list are reboots/redos of old shows. Others are old shows reimagined. They are made new by putting them in a 2017 milieu. And we also have brand spanking new 2017 TV shows that appear to be pushing envelopes, subverting genres and continuing to make this Golden Age of TV sparkle.

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2016 was one of the most interesting years on record. We, sadly, had a lot of death. Mixed in with that was a divisive election (no matter which side you were on), and a lot of politics that happened outside the scope of their regular channels. However, through all of that, we had some really excellent TV choices to serve as a mirror and remind us that, good or bad, time is a transient thing and it too shall pass.

So it is with great excitement, and a little help from that we bring you 14 new shows that will get you excited in 2017. They come from a myriad of layers and perspectives. At the same time, they also seem to comment on this new year in ways not probably expected when they were first made.

Big Little Lies (February 19)

Big Little Lies Photo

With a cast that includes Shailene Woodley, Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman heading to HBO, that just sounds like a great show. Add to this that we see these three mothers in perfect suburban paradise, only to find out that they are not, and Big Little Lies starts to look like one of the best new TV shows in 2017. Clocking in at a svelte 7 episodes, we think this show could be this years True Detective.

One Day At A Time (January 6)

One Day at a Time

This new TV show initially debuted in the mid-1970s and had a 9 season run. It must be pretty good if its an upcoming TV show in 2017, right? Well, it has been given the Netflix treatment so that tells you something right there. This biggest difference is that this show now focuses on a Cuban American family dealing with the world as it is today. If anybody can make a reboot of older show feel fresh, Netflix is the company to do it. With a cast that actually looks like America, the trailer for this show had us at the first frame. Add to this that original show creator Norman Lear is still involved, and that is worth your tune in time alone.

24: Legacy (February 5)

24: Legacy

Agent Eric Carter comes to find out that people from his former Ranger unit are being killed. Never one to stand by and just let things happen, Carter realizes he must act before he gets acted upon. Following the classic 24 hour mode of the original show, while making it very 2017, 24: Legacy seems destined to leave another one. The new TV shows in 2017 all seem to be bringing something special to the table. 24: Legacy does that while recalling a glorious past. It arrives on Fox.

Riverdale (January 26)


This oddball revising of the world of Archie sees the town of Riverdale turned upside down. That is probably why it is one of the most anticipated upcoming TV shows in 2017. It almost takes on David Lynchian proportions as Archie and the gang find themselves trying to solve a murder. Everything about this show seems supercool and if this holds up (and we have no reason to think it won't), Riverdale might just be the best of the new 2017 TV shows.The CW has found much success with its superhero comic book adaptations. Now it takes on a whole different kind of comic book genre.

Evan Jacobs