The new Fall Season is almost upon us and with that comes many things. Out of all those things comes an air of anticipation. That feeling that as great as TV has been in the past few years, we might be getting something from a show that's better than anything we've seen before.

And what a Fall Season the networks have in store for you! You want time travel and fantasy? They've got it. You want action and suspense? You can check that box too. You want comedy and drama? Well, that is in no short supply as well. And as for movies and a show from the past (and recent) present getting the small screen treatment? You can check that box as well.

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What sets this fall season apart is the time period in which these shows are being released. TV is continuing to crush movies in regards to content and subject matter. Just when you think that all the good ideas have to have been conceived and put across on the small screen, along comes a show that knocks you on your butt.

This isn't to say that all the shows listed here are TV gold. Some will certainly not see a second season, others might get canceled before they even get a handful of episodes reeled off. This doesn't even mean that they are bad shows. The TV landscape is crowded enough. To stand out you need marketing dollars and muscle and, while networks have a lot of that, it isn't in infinite supply.

So, it is without further adieu that we give you the "15 Shows You Can't Miss This Fall". There's a lot to take in. Honestly, some of these shows might not even make it to second season. But for as long as all these show air, you're going to want to be along for the ride!

The Exorcist - September 23 on Fox

At first the thought of William Friedkin's brilliantly conceived opus being brought to the small screen seems, no pun intended, sacrilege. However, as we have mentioned above, TV has truly evolved into the place where very interesting things are happening. In this new take, The Exorcist follows two very different priests tackling one family's case of horrifying demonic possession. Now, before you think that the material might be too much for TV, we all know that FOX is known for pushing boundaries. And with so much to gain and lose, something tells us the network is really going to go for it with this reimagining.

Son of Zorn - September 25 on Fox

Son of Zorn

Jason Sudekis voices the title character in this new hybrid live-action/animated comedy about an animated warrior from a faraway island in the Pacific Ocean - where everything and everyone is animated - who returns to Orange County, CA, to win back his live-action ex-wife and teenage son. If you haven't seen the trailer for this show then you need to stop reading this list and get on it. Son of Zorn seems so pitch perfect, so destined to cause the censors at FOX headaches, that it is bound to be a hit of epic proportions. For as long as it remains on the air that is.

This is Us - September 20 on NBC

This is Us

This show stars Mandy Moore ("A Walk to Remember"), Milo Ventimiglia ("Heroes," "Gilmore Girls") and Sterling K. Brown ("The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story"). It follows a unique ensemble. And as their paths cross and their life stories intertwine in curious ways, we find that several of them share the same birthday - and so much more than anyone would expect. Moving storylines, stories that intersect, week after week of seeing the onion peeled on the layers on these characters lives... Can NBC spell Emmy?

No Tomorrow - October 4 on The CW

No Tomorrow

This fantasy based show follows Evie. She is somebody who goes out of her way to never challenge herself. Then she meets Xavier. He is a man who sees every moment of life as way to push the limits. Opposites truly seem to be attracting, until Evie realizes that Xavier is how he is because he believes the world is coming to an end! Finally, the whole rom-com, woman needs a man thing is turned on its head and it's coming to prime time. Sure, this show might not have the greatest of legs, but it will sure be fun to watch as long as it runs.

MacGuyver - September 23 on CBS


Look who is back! Just when you thought your paperclips and and glue were anachronisms from a bygone age... MacGuyver returns! This is a reimagining of the classic series. In it, Angus "Mac" MaGuyver (Lucas Till) creates an under the radar organization within the government where he uses his special talent for problem solving and vast knowledge of all things science to save lives. The first MacGuyver was awesome because he was using simple ingredients to solve bigger than life problems. In 2016, given peoples predilections for all things retro, MacGuyver's skills should be even more widely appreciated.

Frequency - TBA on The CW


A police detective (Peyton List) realizes that by using a special ham radio, she can talk with her dead father (Riley Smith). Together, they work to change history and change their relationship. This show might sound a bit milquetoast in it's design, but the original film was a big and hit and it seems like this show will be as well. Nostalgia is sweeping the land and Frequency seems like the perfect show to help viewers get caught up in it.

Speechless - September 21 on ABC


It is about time that somebody looks at the world of families, who have children with Special Needs, with some degree of levity. Minnie Driver stars in this show as the head of a household that courts drama at every turn. People with Special Needs are often seen as off limits. Everything they are portrayed in needs to be dramatic. This idea seems to be turned on its head as Speechless is intent on truly showing viewers what families go through... Warts and all.

Designated Survivor - September 21 on ABC

Designated Survivor

If the late Hal Ashby had worked in TV, his first show might be something like this. This drama/thriller stars Kiefer Sutherland as a man who is elected president after everybody in the cabinet in which he serves dies. Suddenly, this low level cabinet worker is thrust into the most powerful job in the land. Who better for this than Kiefer Sutherland, right? Sure, this might seem a bit of a departure for Jack Bauer, but a show like this seems like it will let us know just how well Sutherland has aged.

Luke Cage - September 30 on Netflix

Luke Cage

This show centers around Luke Cage (Mike Colter) who we were introduced to in Marvel's Jessica Jones. He was blessed with super strength and amazing durability after an experiment he was involved with went awry. Quite simply, Luke Cage is a force of nature. It will be awesome to see Cage get his own 13 episode Netflix treatment. Also, with The Defenders show on the docket (featuring Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Iron fist), it seems that this show will stop at nothing to stand on its own.

The Good Place - September 19 on NBC

The Good Place

An ordinary woman (NE2LtbsuGM1c55||Kristin Bell) who, through an extraordinary string of events, enters the afterlife where she comes to realize that she hasn't been a very good person. With the help of her wise afterlife mentor (Ted Danson), she's determined to shed her old way of living and discover the awesome (or at least the pretty good) person within. Ted Danson and Kristen Bell back on TV? Can you say match made in heaven!

Kevin Can Wait - September 19 on CBS

Kevin Can Wait

Kevin James returns to series television in a new comedy about a recently retired police officer looking forward to quality time with his family-and his fellow retired cops. When his oldest daughter announces she's dropping out of college to support her fiancé, Kevin knows his only choice is to move them both into his home to keep her in school. The fun has to wait...his family is his new beat. Kevin James returning to network TV?!? You had us at the title.

Notorious - September 22 on ABC


This timely legal show takes a look at the professional and personal relationship between a quick witted attorney and a television producer as they attempt to guide the media and the courtroom. Apparently, this show is "inspired" by famed defense attorney Mark Geragos and news producer Wendy Walker. Starring Piper Perabo and Daniel Sunjata this just might be the biggest show of the season.

Conviction - October 3 on ABC


Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter) returns to TV as Hayes Morrison in this thriller. Morrison is a lawyer who takes a job offered by an enemy in exchange for not having to do time for a crime. Oh yeah, Morrison's dad used to be President and her mother is currently running for Senate. However, the real story here is Morrison's ability to take on cases where the people charged have been wrongly convicted. With the public's quest for truth and justice at an all time high, this show has the makings of a hit!