Millie Bobby Brown is inviting Stranger Things fans to accept the #NeverEndingChallenge on your favorite social media platform. The third season takes us to Hawkins in 1985 and gives us some healthy doses of 80s goodness. One of the more memorable references to the 80s comes when the theme from The NeverEnding Story is introduced at the perfect time. Since then, the power ballad has been getting a lot of extra attention. There are SPOILERS for Stranger Things season 3 below, so read ahead at your own risk.

Throughout Stranger Things season 3, fans are left wondering if Dustin's (Gaten Matarazzo) girlfriend is real. It just seems too good to be true for his friends, but in the end, Suzie (Gabriella Pizzolo) is finally revealed to be real and ends up helping with a crucial piece of information during the climax of the series. In turn, she insists that Dustin do something for her, which leads to them starting an epic duet of "The NeverEnding Story" for everybody to hear. Now, Millie Bobby Brown wants fans to submit their own videos on social media of them attempting the song. Dustin is never going to forget about this moment.

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The #NeverEndingChallenge hashtag has been blowing up ever since Millie Bobby Brown sent out the challenge. Her own take on the now-classic "NeverEnding Story" scene is pretty amazing on its own, but Stranger Things fans have been stepping up their game. You can see some of the best challenges below. The young actress has been impressed with what she has seen so far and took the popularity of the power ballad to new heights.

The NeverEnding Story was written by Giorgio Moroder and Keith Forsey. It was performed by Limahl and featured guest vocals from Beth Anderson. Since Stranger Things featured the song, it has seen a massive uptick in popularity. Spotify and YouTube saw over 800% increases in searches and streams, while the popular lyrics site Genius saw the "NeverEnding Story" lyrics page go from around 12 daily searches to nearly 5,000. Limahl has publicly thanked Netflix for the extra push, which has hopefully netted him some decent performance royalties. Moroder and Forsey are the ones making the most money off of the song since they are the primary songwriters.

The NeverEnding Story is classic 1980s movie and its inclusion in Stranger Things 3 was an excellent choice by the Duffer Brothers. It's pretty amazing to see a song that is 35-years old seemingly getting all of this attention out of nowhere and it's all thanks to the massive popularity of the hit Netflix series. With that being said, you can check out some of the best NeverEnding Challenges below, including Millie Bobby Brown's Instagram video, which, as of this writing, has over 5.2 million likes.