It has long been known that many TV networks will take a cheap and cheerful show over an expensive gamble at a sci-fi drama or big budget action series, and it seems that Netflix, for all their differences, are really just the same in light of some recent decisions around its future shows. While fans were hoping that the streamer would pick up the cancelled NBC series Manifest to complete it's planned six season run, that came to a dead end earlier this week, instead, Netflix has ordered two seasons of the bizarre dating reality show Sexy Beasts, which sees people dressing up like animals in an all-round loopy blind date scenarios.

There are many reasons why shows are cancelled or not picked up for additional seasons, but recently the usual reasons of bad viewer numbers or lack of interest don't seem to matter anymore. So the question is, what does matter? Fans of the NBC show Manifest were hopeful that the series would be picked up by Netflix after being unceremoniously dumped by the network channel. After all, the first two seasons of Manifest were sitting at number 1 on the platforms streaming chart for a while and seemed to be gaining something of a following among those who had not caught the Lost-style mystery drama the first time around.

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Having declined the option of financing the series going forward, Netflix has added it to the list of well-received shows it has recently decided to pull the plug on. Jupiter's Legacy had barely arrived on the platform earlier this year before the announcement came that there would be no future seasons to come, and The Irregulars, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me, The Last Kingdom, and The Duchess were also cancelled despite a growing fan base behind them.

Sexy Beasts, on the other hand, is a relatively-cheap-to-make dating show with a little of The Masked Singer thrown in, as romantic hopefuls meet up with a chance of finding love after being transformed into strange creatures, demons, and beasts via Hollywood prosthetic artist Kristyan Mallet. It's not exactly Lord of The Rings though, and clearly Netflix is just hoping to jump on the bandwagon that was set rolling with the recent popularity of The Masked Singer, The Masked Dancer and all those other strange little shows that really do nothing, go nowhere, and don't require anyone to keep up and invest in a storyline to get something out of it.

What makes the commission look even more of a cash in, is the fact that Sexy Beasts is not a new show, but is a new version of a series that aired in the UK way back in 2014 and did so terribly that it was never mentioned again...until now. In reality, the commissioning of Sexy Beasts, which airs the first of its initial six episodes on July 21, is not linked in any way to the lack of commitment shown towards more expensive and involving shows like Manifest and Jupiter's Legacy, and having just signed a deal with Steven Spielberg's Amblin to make a couple of big budget movies each year along with other investments, it could just be a case of there only being so many projects that can have money pumped into them at any one time. This obviously won't come as any comfort to those mourning the loss of their recently cancelled shows, but who knows maybe Sexy Beasts will be just the tonic you need to get you through. Or perhaps Bourbon would work better.