Officially, Neil DeGrasse Tyson will be heading back to the National Geographic Channel following claims of sexual misconduct against him. Appearing on both Cosmos and StarTalk for Nat Geo, Tyson had both shows placed on the shelf while the network investigated the allegations against him. Now, it's been confirmed that Tyson will be brought back to Nat Geo to resume his work on both programs, suggesting the network was unable to find any evidence to support the accusations. However, Nat Geo was not specific with the details of the investigation, and little else is known other than that the claims are no longer being looked into.

StarTalk will be returning to Nat Geo in April to begin airing its 13 remaining episodes. The long-running chat show featuring Tyson had just begun airing its fifth season back in November, with only three episodes making it to air before the show was shelved. A spin-off of the podcast of the same name, the show first began airing in 2015. It features Tyson conducting interviews and taking part in panel discussions with a wide variety of special guests. Some of the most notable names to appear on the show in recent years include George Takei, Bill Clinton, Jane Goodall, William Shatner, Bill Maher, Whoopi Goldberg, James Cameron, Stephen Colbert, and Stephen Hawking.

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Meanwhile, the new season of Cosmos had been given a 13-episode order from Fox and Nat Geo, only to be pulled by both networks after the misconduct accusations against Tyson were made public. Currently, the networks are working out the kinks in finding a new air date for the program, but what we know is that it's officially back on track. Originally, the season was set to premiere on Fox on Sunday, March 3, with Nat Geo airing a second window on Monday, March 4. The program was also planned to premiere globally in 172 countries in 43 different languages, so it's clear Fox and Nat Geo had very big plans for Cosmos. The official Twitter account for the series has not been updated since before the misconduct claims, however, and it remains to be seen when the show will finally be aired.

Last winter, the website Patheos had reported multiple sexual misconduct claims by women against Neil DeGrasse Tyson. One woman accused Tyson of drugging and raping her while attending college in 1984. A second allegation from professor Katelyn Allers claimed Tyson touched her inappropriately in 2009 at an American Astronomical Society gathering. An assistant working on Cosmos also claimed Tyson had made unwanted sexual advances toward her, leading to her exit from the project. Finally, an anonymous woman reported the TV star had made inappropriate comments directed at her at a party in 2010. At the time, Tyson said he "welcomed" any investigations into this claims, and it would seem he has now been vindicated. In any case, there was apparently not enough evidence to satisfactorily corroborate these claims.

In addition to looking into accusations against Tyson, Nat Geo had also investigated actor Morgan Freeman, who had been hosting the Nat Geo series The Story of God. According to a CNN report, eight women had accused Freeman of sexual harassment, prompting an investigation from the company. After finding no evidence of wrongdoing, the show was then reinstated. This isn't Nat Geo's first rodeo when it comes to this kind of thing, and it seems Tyson was merely going through something similar. This information comes to us from Variety.