After the "Here's Negan" episode closed out the 10th season of The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan just might be getting his own spinoff as the bat-wielding character. Last year, AMC announced that the upcoming 11th season of The Walking Dead will also be serving as the show's final season. Still, that won't be the end of the franchise, as multiple spinoff shows are already in the works.

Following the premiere of "Here's Negan," AMC put out a questionnaire quizzing viewers on their interest in a potential Negan-led spinoff. The survey is only available to viewers registered to provide feedback on the series through the network's AMC Popular Culturists program. In relation to the Negan episode, the Walking Dead survey posits: "How interested would you be in additional episodes or series exploring Negan's backstory prior to meeting Rick's group?"

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Three options are available in the quiz, with each asking viewers to list their level of interest on a scale of 1-5. The possibilities listed include a new limited series (akin to The World Beyond); additional episodes, such as more episodes like "Here's Negan" in The Walking Dead; and a new full-on Negan series without a set number of episodes. If one of the three has a particularly high score from the fan survey, the odds of a Negan spinoff happening become much more probable.

Speaking about the possibility of a Negan spinoff, Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live that nothing is yet set in stone, but there have in fact been discussions at AMC for it to happen.

"There's talks. There's been some talks," Morgan said. "I think that, between AMC and the good folks involved with Walking Dead, they've asked if there's any interest on my end. But I think they've also talked to many of the characters to see who's interested in carrying on the story, and not just Negan."

The actor goes on to add: "This all kind of came about, this being the last season, came about as a bit of a surprise in the middle of the pandemic. And so it was sort of a pivot for everybody and the show, storywise and otherwise, so I think we'll see. I think there's certainly more story for Negan, I think he's becoming more interesting in each episode, in fact. So we'll see."

Negan's future after the final season of The Walking Dead remains to be seen, but even if he doesn't get his own show, he can always show up in another spinoff. It's already been confirmed that Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride will be leading their own spinoff following Daryl and Carol once The Walking Dead ends. So as long as Negan makes it to the end of the series, it's always possible he'll have further interactions with these characters.

Meanwhile, the anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead will feature a different self-contained story in each episode. If Morgan's Negan is only going to get another solo episode or two as opposed to his own series, this would seem to be the perfect avenue for that. In any case, there's more of Negan to see in the upcoming final season of The Walking Dead. The AMC survey information comes to us from