When Keanu Reeves starred as John Constantine in the 2005 DC Comics adaptation Constantine, the character was altered significantly from the comic book, where he was a blond British man. With NBC moving forward with its Constantine TV pilot, the character will reportedly be going back to its comic book roots as a London-based man with a British accent.

Our report from last week teased that Constantine will be set in London, although it has not been confirmed by the network. NBC hasn't yet cast the actor who will portray this con man and magician, who becomes a supernatural detective, reluctantly protecting humanity from supernatural forces. The series will also feature a character named Chas, a taxi driver who serves as Constantine's muscle. However, unlike the version of the character portrayed by Shia LaBeouf in the movie, the TV show's Chas will be a middle-aged man. The show will also feature Manny and Liv, two brand new characters, and there is speculation that Liv may be Constantine's love interest.

We reported last week that Neil Marshall is directing the pilot episode, from a script written by Daniel Cerone and Daniel Cerone.