Community has been renewed for a 5th and possibly final season, making it and Parks and Recreation the only two comedies on NBC not to get canceled.

Community currently has a 13-episode renewal, mirroring what happened with the struggling sitcom last year. It is being speculated that series creator and former show runner Dan Harmon may return to oversee these final 13 episodes.

Dan Harmon was fired from the show shortly after Community Season 4 was announced last year at this time. The reason for his departure hung mostly on his contentious relationship with co-star Chevy Chase. Now that Chase has left the sitcom, cast and crew are feeling more comfortable with Harmon's return. Though, this has not yet been confirmed by NBC.

Dan Harmon always wanted 6 seasons and a movie, which has long been a motto for the show amongst fans. 5 seasons and a movie seem like good consolation prize.