Former Glee star Naya Rivera has been charged with domestic violence against her husband. The 30-year-old actress, who played cheerleader Santana Lopez on the hit TV show, was arrested in Chesapeake, West Virginia, according to the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office. The office posted a message on Twitter which said, "Naya Marie Rivera (30 of Woodland Hills CA) arrested overnight for domestic battery on husband in Chesapeake, WV." Rivera is accused of striking her husband in the face and on the head, according to reports.

Naya Rivera's husband, Ryan Dorsey, alleges that she hit him in the lip and on the head while they were out on a walk with their one-year old son. Dorsey has the incident on video and gave it to authorities who later arrested Rivera and charged her with misdemeanor domestic battery and slapped her with a $1,000 fine after being released. It has been reported that Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey are in the middle of a divorce after being married for nearly 3 years. Dorsey did not need medical attention after the alleged attack. Rivera's former fiancé, rapper Big Sean has hinted at a temper from the Glee star in the past.

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Rapper Big Sean took to Twitter to basically say, "I told ya so." Big Sean ended his engagement to Naya Rivera in 2014 and later told a radio station that their relationship was "craziness" and he was happy he "dodged" marrying her. She also called him out in her memoir, alleging she caught Ariana Grande, who the rapper briefly dated, at his home while they were still together. And it seems the bad blood between the two has not settled because over the weekend, Big Sean seemingly poked fun at Rivera's arrest in a video on Twitter. The rapper posted a video of a little girl saying, "I told y'all... I told y'all... Y'all thought I was playing, but I told y'all."

Originally a child star, Naya Rivera got her first big break in the sit-com, The Royal Family. The actress landed the role of Hilary Winston in the show at the age of four, starring opposite legendary actor and comic, Redd Foxx. The show only ran for 15 episodes as Foxx died from a heart attack in 1992. Her next big break came in 2009 when she landed the role of the ice queen cheerleader, Santana Lopez, in Glee. The Fox dramedy was an instant hit and shot Rivera and the rest of the cast to worldwide fame.

Though it has been reported that Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey are separated and going through a divorce, sources say that the two called off their separation last month. Rivera recently told Us Weekly that, "I'm really A-type" and added that Dorsey is more of a pushover when it comes to disciplining their son. No other news has been reported at this time, but Rivera has been released from jail. You can read more about Naya Rivera's alleged domestic abuse via The Huffington Post.