For four seasons, comedian Nathan Fielder put his business degree to hilariously good use for Nathan for You. The Comedy Central series had Fielder providing assistance to struggling businesses with highly unorthodox tactics, and the show somehow only got crazier as it went on. With the final episode of season 4 airing last year, fans had been hoping for some news on a potential season 5. Unfortunately, Comedy Central has confirmed that the series won't be returning with new episodes, putting an end to the hysterical series.

"For the past five years Comedy Central had the pleasure of working with the brilliant Nathan Fielder on Nathan For You. His innovative and quick-witted humor has made the show a comedic touchstone and we're proud to have been a part of it. We respect Nathan's decision to end the series and look forward to geeking out over his next project."

Comedy Central does clarify that ending the series was a choice made by Nathan Fielder, and the show was not cancelled by the network. Having worked on the series for the past five years, it's possible Fielder wants the freedom to go in another direction with his career. This is certainly very bad news for big fans of the show, but the positive here is that Fielder gets to go out on a high note, as season 4 featured some of the show's best material.

Right from the start, it was clear to viewers that this show was going to be something different. Some memorable segments from the first season saw Nathan staging a viral video to promote a petting zoo, convincing a store owner to allow customers to shoplift one item, and putting a private investigator's skills to the test by using lookalike actors. Each season had Fielder topping what he did before by offering business strategies that nobody else would ever think of, and it was always awkwardly compelling.

The season 4 finale, which now also serves as the end of the show, was very different than typical episodes of the series. Along with a camera crew, Fielder traveled with a Bill Gates impersonator in a quest to reunite him with his long-lost love. The documentary-style episode ran for two hours, and is a fitting way to end the series as it took the fans behind the scenes to give them a look at the show from the other side of the camera. While it has its comedic elements, the finale is certainly more dramatic than the rest of the show, but in a compelling way.

It's not clear what's next for Fielder, or whether his upcoming projects will also be on Comedy Central. It's clear there's still a home for him there, should he choose to pursue a new television project. Fielder's last acting credit is for the 2017 feature film The Disaster Artist, and he more recently serve as a consulting producer on the Showtime series Who Is America?. This information comes to us courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.