Netflix has released a brand new trailer for Narcos: Mexico, which takes the action in a whole new direction. The streaming service has had a lot of luck with their drug drama, which is based on real events, over the past few seasons. But this truly looks like it might be enough to bring in a ton of new viewers who didn't jump on over the last few years. Not to over-exaggerate, but this Narcos: Mexico trailer kind of has everything.

This isn't the first trailer that the streaming service has released, but it's really our first actual look at what's coming our way later this year. We open up at the very beginnings of the drug war between the U.S. and Mexico. Like most great men, who happen to be on the right or wrong side of the law, it starts with a vision. As we see, that man's vision becomes a very successful and dangerous one. The drug war is a messy, ugly thing, that is, at times glamorous for those who prosper from it. We've got a pair of great actors going head-to-head, real-life drama, tension, explosions and fancy stuff purchased with ill-gotten drug money. What more could we ask of our entertainment these days?

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Narcos season 4 explore the origins of the modern drug war, going way back to its very roots. It appears as though our main focus will be on Felix Gallardo (Diego Luna), who looks to unify traffickers in order to build an empire. That will put him squarely in the crosshairs of agent Kiki Camarena (Michael Pena), who moves his wife and young son from California to Guadalajara to take on a new post. As we see from the trailer, it turns into a very dangerous and, for viewers at least, exciting game of cat and mouse.

The first two seasons of Narcos took a look at perhaps the most famous drug kingpin of all time, Pablo Escobar. Season 3 dealt with the fallout after Escobar was removed from the scene. Narcos: Mexico serves as a total reset, as this is a totally new story and a brand new jumping on point for viewers. It also allowed them to bring in a couple of great, and arguably underrated actors in the form of Diego Luna and Michael Pena, who both look to be putting their best foot forward here.

The series is produced by Gaumont Television for Netflix. Eric Newman serves as Executive Producer and showrunner. Jose Padilha, Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard are also on board as Executive Producers. For those who never quite found that thing to fill the hole in their TV viewing that Breaking Bad left behind, this looks very much like it could be that very thing. Narcos: Mexico drops on November 16. Be sure to check out the brand new trailer from the Netflix streaming YouTube channel for yourself below.

Narcos Mexico Poster