This weekend marks the heralded return of the classic TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000. Though, with a few noticeable changes. The crew is different this time out, with a new cast stepping in to replace the legends. Perhaps a few fans won't be on board with this relaunch. But Netflix, who debuted all-episodes at once for your streaming pleasure this past Friday, have decided to have a little fun in promoting the series' triumphant revival. And they're doing that by letting the new crew tear into their hugely popular sci-fi series Stranger Things.

And the gang's not kind. They savagely go after David Harbour's Hopper in a scene that shows him waking up in his house after a heavy night of drinking beer. If you weren't sold on this new team behind MST3K yet, you may be onboard after you watch them brilliantly harass Hopper and his surroundings.

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It's been nearly twenty years since fans last saw Mystery Science Theater 3000 on the small screen in its original run. Series creator Joel Hodgson is back in the driver's seat, though he has stepped away from his on-air hosting gig, allowing Nerdist podcaster Jonah Ray to step into his place. Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt are the new mad scientists in charge of this experiment this time out. But the format and the homemade aesthetic have remained charmingly in place. Jonah and his robot friends are still forced to watch terrible movies while offering their colorful commentary.

This new MST3K began with a very successful Kickstarter campaign, and once Netflix saw how much fans wanted new episodes, they stepped in to help out and bring the show back for the masses. In the clip seen below, Jonah, Crow and Tom Servo point their barbs at Hopper, identifying him as a pile of mashed potatoes sleeping on a couch. They also take a couple pf pot shots at David Harbour's exposed gut. We also get to see them all riff on Hopper's shower scene, and the gang adds some new sound effects as Hopper gets dressed in his Sheriff's uniform.

The new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is considered part of the complete run, and doesn't ever veer from what made the original show so great. There are 14 new episodes in all, and there is some running connectivity between the new characters and the various episodes, established for anyone into binge watching the entire series. It's appropriate that MST3K rags on Stranger Things, as it riffs on some of the 80s cheesy that gets so pummeled by the crew. So far, this new team hasn't taken on any other Netflix favorites. But it would be fun to watch Jonah and the bots evesecrate the dance scenes in The OA. And Orange is the New Black is deserving of some playful ribbing. For now, you can watch Hopper get his badge handed to him in this clip direct from Netflix.