We've got movie sign, MST3K fans! Following the annual Thanksgiving marathon, it was announced that Netflix has officially given the green light to Mystery Science Theater 3000 season 12. The show made its long-awaited return earlier this year after a lengthy hiatus and, though Netflix doesn't release actual ratings, it's clear that things went pretty well. It looks like fans aren't going to have to wait nearly as long for new episodes this time around.

"We got movie sign! #MST3KSeason12"
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For Thanksgiving, Shout Factory held a marathon of 6 classic Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes, which was streamed online via YouTube and Twitch. The marathon was hosted by creator Joel Hodgson, new host Jonah Ray and Felicia Day, who now runs the experiments on the series. At the very end of the marathon, the trio announced that Netflix has indeed given them another season, though no firm details were revealed. Even though we're at least going to have to wait until next year for new episodes, that's not bad, considering that, prior to Mystery Science Theater 3000 season 11, new episodes hadn't been released since 1999.

Billed as Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return, Netflix stepped in to distribute the revival of the classic Comedy Central (and later Sci-Fi Channel) series, following an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign that made the new season possible in the first place. Creator Joel Hodgson launched the campaign in the hopes of making just a few new episodes, but the campaign managed to raise an incredible $5.7 million. Netflix saw the demand was there, so they decided to give the show a much larger platform to reach their audience.

MST3K made some changes with the latest season, bringing in Jonah Ray as the host and giving new voices to Crow, Tom Servo and Gypsy, but the elements of the show that fans love remained the same. It's still people in a theater, in outer space, watching terrible movies and making fun of them. There are still wrap around skits to break up the riffing and the spirit of the show is still very much the same. They've just traded in the Satellite of Love for Moon 13: The Moon.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return was 14-episodes in length. At the moment, it's unclear how many episodes Netflix is going to order for season 12, nor is it known when the next season will air. Hopefully, now that the cast is already set and since the new sets are already built, it won't take quite as long to put together a new season. New host Jonah Ray took to Twitter to declare his excitement in a simple yet perfect tweet: "We got movie sign!" You can check out the reveal video for Mystery Science Theater 3000 season 12 for yourself below.