Village Roadshow's planned Myst television adaptation is moving forward as writer Ashley Edward Miller has signed on to write the pilot and serve as showrunner for the upcoming series. Known for penning X-Men: First Class, Miller's other work as a writer include Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Andromeda, Thor, and Black Sails. Co-creator Rand Miller and his brother Ryan Miller will develop and produce the project alongside Village Roadshow and Delve Media's Isaac Testerman and Yale Rice.

Created by Rand and Robyn Miller, Myst was first released as a Macintosh personal computer game in 1993. The first-person computer game has players traveling to an island world called Myst by way of reading a magical book, solving puzzles on the island to learn more about the story and its characters. The game turned out to be a big hit with gamers, reaching more players over the years with new ports and remakes. Other game developers noticed as well, and gamers saw many Myst clones to follow in the coming years, with none managing to reach the same level of financial success. Myst also spawned many sequels of its own and was officially the top-selling video game of all time until The Sims passed its spot in 2002.

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Reportedly, Village Roadshow will "rely on and expand upon the game's existing mythology to develop a multi-platform universe that includes film, scripted and unscripted television content." This suggests the company is feeling very confident with the potential for their Myst television series, already looking to branch its story out into movies and other types of programming. Still, while the franchise has yet to make its way into movies and television, this won't be the first time Myst has delved into other mediums. From author David Wingrove in collaboration with the Miller brothers, a series of Myst novels was previously published, filling in the gaps in the story left by the video game series.

There have been plans in the works to turn Myst into a television series for years. In 2015, it was reported that Hulu had obtained the rights to the game with plans to develop a series focusing on the origin of the game's island setting. For whatever reason, the project failed to get off the ground, leading to Village Roadshow acquiring the rights last year to produce their own Myst movies, television shows, and other content based on the game. Time will tell if this project fares better than the planned Hulu adaptation, but Village Roadshow clearly has big plans for the franchise.

Gamers who lived through the '90s will certainly remember when Myst was at the peak of its popularity. For many players, the classic title is still fondly remembered as one of their first computer games, and watching a new TV series based on the game would certainly feel nostalgic. We'll see if that carries over into Village Roadshow's upcoming series and if it can reach the same heights as the original video game had in the '90s. This news comes to us from Deadline.