We may finally see Earl Hickey scratch off those last few entries on his list, as My Name Is Earl star Jason Lee would be on board to revive the show. Speaking with press to promote the release of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Lee was directly asked about the possibility of a revival of the comedy series. Confirming discussions on the topic have already taken place with creator Greg Garcia, Lee had this to say about a potential My Name Is Earl revival.

"We would be, we've talked about it, yeah. At least like, even a little three-part series to wrap up the list or something, we've talked about it, yeah."

When further pressed on the matter and asked if Netflix or a similar streaming service could speed the process along, Lee noted that that was a question for Garcia, but reiterated his interest in giving the series a proper ending with this response.

"You should talk to Greg Garcia about that. But, yeah, that's definitely on the list, no pun intended, to try to wrap up that universe if we can."

From both Lee and My Name Is Earl fans, there's been a longstanding desire to see the show given true closure after the way it was abruptly cancelled at the end of season 4. As it was expected they would be given another season, the show's series finale literally ends with a message reading, "To Be Continued..." For Lee, this has resulted in years of badgering from fans unhappy with the series closing its curtain before its final cliffhanger could be resolved. To that, Lee suggests fans start a petition to help get the ball rolling on the possible revival.

"Start a petition. Everybody asks me, 'what happened, what happened, what happened'? I get that question probably more than any other question. My answer to that is 'I hope we do'."

Airing between 2005 and 2009, My Name Is Earl starred Lee as Earl Hickey, a slacker and petty criminal who sets out to right every wrong he's ever done in his life for the sake of improving his karma. One of the biggest questions that remains following the end of My Name Is Earl is if he ever managed to scratch off every item on his list, though that answer was possibly given with a subtle Easter egg on Garcia's follow-up series, Raising Hope. Early on in that show, a news report on the television says a "small-time crook with a long list of wrongs he was making amends for has finally finished," though it doesn't mention Earl by name.

Earl Hickey isn't the only role from Lee's past he's open to returning to, as the actor says he's game for appearing in the upcoming Kevin Smith sequel Twilight of the Mallrats. In the original Mallrats, Lee starred as mall slacker Brodie Bruce, a role which he recently reprised for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Confirming he'll be back as Brodie once again for Mallrats 2, Lee said reprising the part once again for the new movie "would be a lot of fun." This is perfect as no Mallrats sequel could ever work without Lee back in a major role as Brodie Bruce.

Lee's made it clear he's willing to give Earl Hickey his proper send-off, so perhaps we'll see someone start the petition soon. If so, just let me know where to sign. In the meantime, you can currently stream the four seasons of My Name Is Earl on Hulu. This news comes to us from JoBlo.