Fox has picked up Murder Police, a new animated comedy that follows a dedicated, but inept detective and his colleagues, some perverted, some corrupt, some just plain lazy, in a twisted city precinct. David A. Goodman (Family Guy: Untitled Griffin Family History) and Jason Ruiz, one of the writers/ animators discovered through the Fox Inkubation program, created the series, which is expected to debut during the 2013-2014 season.

Murder Police Promo Art

Kevin Reilly, Chairman of Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company stated the following.

"David and Jason came to us with a really fresh take on law enforcement that we've never seen before. With Murder Police, these guys are taking a staple genre of television, the cop show, and turning it on its head by pushing the warped comedic boundaries that only animation can offer. It's the kind of show our Animation Domination fans will absolutely love, and I can't wait to introduce it next season."

Manuel Sanchez (voiced by co-creator Ruiz) aspires to be a good cop, but his efforts to solve crimes are constantly put in jeopardy by his own clumsiness and the incompetence of his fellow detectives, including his partner, Tommy Margaretti (Will Sasso, The Three Stooges), a tough, rule-breaking "bad cop" who can't interrogate a suspect without beating him up.

Voice actors on the pilot include Jason Ruiz as Manuel and Mario Sanchez, Will Sasso as Tommy Margaretti, Chi McBride as Randall Hickox, Horatio Sanz as Donel, Penny Marshall as Sylvia Goldenberg, Peter Atencio as Captain John and Justina Machado as Rosa Sanchez.