After the tragic death of 21-year-old star Shain Gandee, MTV has decided to cancel the reality series Buckwild. Here's a brief statement released by the network earlier today.

"After careful consideration, MTV will not be moving forward with Season 2 of Buckwild in West Virginia. We love the cast and the show and this was not an easy decision, but given Shain's tragic passing and essential presence on the show, we felt it was not appropriate to continue without him. Instead, we are working on a meaningful way to pay tribute to his memory on our air and privately."

The network also announced they will air the special Buckwild: WV to NYC on Sunday, April 14, following an entire day of programming dedicated to Shain Gandee.

The move came as a shocking surprise to producer J.P. Williams, who revealed in a recent interview that MTV told him on Friday (April 5) that the network planned on moving ahead with Season 2, which already had four episodes shot before Shain Gandee's passing. However, on Tuesday, the network revealed they are cancelling the show, without any explanation. Here's what the producer had to say in a scathing statement, chiding MTV for not standing by the show.

"This is the network that has shows about teen pregnancy. They'll stick by a show that allows you to abandon a child, but a kid dies by accident doing what he does for a living [mudding] and they cancel the show? There's something that smells of s--- here on every level."

The producer also hinted that he still intends to keep shooting new episodes of Buckwild, which may even be self-financed, and that he is also trying to produce a Buckwild movie. He also added that he plans to keep fighting for the show, and its stars.

"My job is to protect these kids. This will get ugly."

Buckwild followed a group of friends in West Virginia who live by their own set of rules in a carefree environment. The show averaged 3.2 million viewers per episode during its Season 1 run.