As Carol Danvers continues to dominate on the big screen, her biggest fan girl is getting her powers. Although we still await details from the Disney Plus panel at Disney's very own convention, D23 Expo, it has been confirmed that Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel will be joining the streaming service in her own series.

Marvel is developing the live-action series based on the acclaimed comic, bringing another teen hero to the MCU. British writer Bisah K. Ali is currently set to write and serve as showrunner. Ali is currently a staff writer on Hulu's remake of Four Weddings and a funeral.

The first comic run of Ms. Marvel began in 1976, with Carol Danvers as the crime-fighting hero. Danvers eventually became Captain Marvel in 2012, but other women took up the title "Miss".


The latest iteration of the hero made waves in the industry as the first muslim character to lead her own Marvel comics title which debuted in 2014. The comics follow teenager Kamala Khan, who is a Pakistani American living with her family in New Jersey. Her brother is devout, her mother is constantly worried about her safety, and her father just wants her to be a doctor. Khan, however, has superpowers, and can change her shape however she wishes. Many of the story's elements involve fighting villains, but a lot is devoted to her self-discovery. Like any good coming-of-age story, Khan's is full of self-doubt and striving to find a place within your society, beliefs and culture.


The comic has appeared on numerous top 10 lists and won a Hugo Award for best graphic story in 2015.

No release date has been set for the show, but it's expected to fit into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Khan's idolization of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel acts as a character motivation in the comics, both with regards to her American identity and her superhero escapades. This presents a great chance for another mentor to newbie hero dynamic now that Mr. Stark has left us. It's not likely that we'll see Miss Khan in the other series just yet, but there are plenty of years ahead for her. Other Marvel Disney Plus series include The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, to debut in late 2020; WandaVision, to debut in spring 2021; Loki, also for early 2021; and Hawkeye, for late 2021. 


So far, the D23 Expo has reached Comic-Con levels with announcements about their various parks, films, series. With The Mandalorian details spilling out, Marvel Phase 4 teaser and more, it has been a busy weekend and it is only day 1.

it was confirmed earlier in the week that Kamala Khan will appear in the Square Enix video game, "Marvel's Avengers" as well, which is set to release in 2020. Check back with us for updates on the young hero and her television debut.