Marvel is making a Moon Knight show for Disney+ and they may be bringing a former wizard along for the ride. While it's nothing more than a rumor for the time being, there is a report floating around that suggests none other than Daniel Radcliffe, of Harry Potter fame, is being eyed for the lead role. Radcliffe seems destined for a major comic book role at some point and, if this rumor has any truth to it, that could happen sooner rather than later.

As always with stuff like this, we must again caution that it is merely a rumor for now. So it shouldn't be taken as the word of law. That said, entertainment reporter Daniel Richtman recently shared this little tidbit with his Patreon subscribers, stating that Daniel Radcliffe is "in the mix" for Moon Knight. As interesting as this would be, if it's true, it's important to understand how loose of a term that could be. Marvel, or any studio, will often put together a wishlist of actors they would like to see for a part. These actors may never even formally speak to the studio about it. Radcliffe may be on a list like that, which would put him in the mix, to a degree.


On the flip side, it could be that Marvel is meeting with the former Harry Potter star, as well as other stars, to fill the role. Let's assume for just a moment this is true. Even if Daniel Radcliffe doesn't end up getting the part, it does indicate that the studio is hoping to get a big name star to play the role. It's important to note that Marvel head Kevin Feige already revealed that Ms. Marvel, who is also getting her own show on Disney+, will eventually show up in the movies as well. One has to assume that's the way Moon Knight would go as well. So getting a big star would make sense. The Russo Brothers, the masterminds behind Avengers: Endgame, have expressed interested in working on Moon Knight as well.


For those who may not be familiar, Moon Knight first appeared in the pages of Marvel Comics in 1975 and was given his own series five years later in 1980. The man behind the mask is named Marc Specter and is a crimefighter who obtained his powers through ancient Egyptians. His power, as the name suggests, is fueled by the moon and he is at the height of his powers when the moon is full. Moon Knight is a skilled fighter and has prophetic visions, which aid him in his crime-fighting endeavors. But, most importantly, there's an element of mystery to him, as it's possible he's crazy and this Egyptian-gifted superhero stuff could all just be in his head.


Jeremy Slater (The Umbrella Academy) is set to serve as head writer on the Disney+ TV show. There is no word yet on how soon production could begin, nor has a release date been set yet. Other Marvel shows in the works for Disney+ include The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, Hawkeye, WandaVision and She-Hulk. We'll be sure to keep you posted as further details are made available. This news was previously reported by Geek Tyrant.