Mom will soon be coming to a close at the end of its current eighth and final season, and star Allison Janney is just as sad as the fans to see the series finale coming so soon. From the start of the acclaimed comedy series, Janney played the titular mother, Bonnie Plunkett, with Anna Faris co-starring as her daughter Christy. Faris announced her exit from the series ahead of season 8, and shortly after the season premiered, CBS went ahead and pulled the plug.

Appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden this week, Janney was asked about the incoming end of Mom. The Emmy-winning actress reveals that the news of Mom getting canceled was just as shocking to her as it was to the show's fans, feeling confident the sitcom had at least another year to go. Knowing the end is nigh, Janney also expressed her disappointment over the series not getting another season to build up toward a much better ending.

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"I'm sad. I wish we'd had at least another year for the writers to have that much time to ramp up to the ending. We sort of found out sooner than we thought we would hear. We thought, 'Surely they're going to want more Mom,' and they decided not. There are so many reasons behind that, most of them probably money... I'm just having a lot of moments where I'm just standing on set and taking it in, and looking at all the faces I've looked at for eight years."

Though she already had to say farewell to Faris, Allison Janney also details how emotionally difficult it's been filming the show's final episodes, as Mom has become such a big part of her life for nearly a decade.

"No matter how much I prepare myself for it, I know I'm going to be just tears, buckets of tears, because it's just been so incredible. The amazing letters I get from people who are in the program or got sober with us. It's been a great show to be a part of, and it's so rare when you do something like that and it affects people in a positive way out in the world. It makes me sad, but onward. More later, you know?"

Created by Chuck Lorre, Eddie Gorodetsky, and Gemma Baker, Mom followed an estranged mother and daughter duo who reunite years later, attempting to rebuild their lives together through Alcoholics Anonymous meetings after several years of battling their own addictions. The series had consistently pulled in very high ratings with Janney winning two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress for her role on the show, along with two more nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress for later seasons.

Some fans may have known that the end was coming when Anna Faris left the series. After so many years, it can be difficult for any show to survive once one of the main characters suddenly leaves. Many fans have been continuing to enjoy Mom sans Faris, but apparently not enough to keep the show going. This news comes to us from The Late Late Show with James Corden.