Fans of the ABC sitcom Modern Family know very well that Sofía Vergara's Gloria often speaks about her family in Brazil, although we have never met any of her relatives. That will change this season, with actresses Elizabeth Peña and Stephanie Beatriz signing on to guest star as Gloria's mother and sister.

The characters will appear in the 12th episode this season, entitled "Fulgencio". Here's what series co-creator and executive producer Christopher Lloyd had to say about Gloria's relationship with her mother and sister.

"There's a bit of a competitive relationship between Gloria and her sister that will be fun. The mother is the formidable, domineering character in the family, and has a complicated relationship with Jay (Ed O'Neill). I'm not sure she's ever completely accepted Jay, and they lock horns in the episode."

Production starts on the episode this coming Monday. Modern Family airs its next episode, "Arrested" Wednesday, November 7 at 9 PM ET on ABC.