The long-running and highly decorated sitcom Modern Family will be going off the air in two weeks with its eleventh season finale, which will also serve as the series finale for the show. ABC, the home network for the franchise, will pay tribute to its legacy with a behind-the-scenes documentary, titled A Modern Farewell.

The one-hour documentary will air on April 8 at 8 pm ET/PT. The two-part, one-hour Modern Family finale will immediately follow. The documentary will offer an overview of the 11-season run of the show and feature interviews with the cast and crew. Viewers will also get a peek into the process behind the casting and writing for the show, and a table read for the script of the series finale episode.

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The documentary is sure to be a bittersweet offering from fans, who will get to take a trip back in time to the start of the show back in 2009. Along its path to the series finale, the show accumulated a total of 22 Emmys and a deluge of praise for its update to the sitcom family formula.

Modern Family was a hit with audiences and critics right from the start. It followed the conceit of shows like The Office, in featuring a mockumentary-style format where the cast of characters speak directly to the camera and share their thoughts on various escapades of the family members.

Another aspect that drew high praise was the idea of following an extended American family whose members belong to different generations, cultures and sexual orientations. The markedly different world views that each family member brings to the table formed the basis for much of the humor for the show, in addition to giving the show a bedrock of warmth and empathy, exemplified by the unwavering support the various family members always showed towards each other.

By later seasons, sections of the fans had started to complain that the show was beginning to get stale, with characters staying stuck in a behavioral rut, as the series tried to figure out new challenges for the cast of characters while staying true to their central ethos.

Instead of beating the show into the ground and dragging it out for more seasons, the creators decided to go end the series after the eleventh season. There have been rumors of the show getting a spinoff for the younger children of the family, who are now adults, but no concrete information is available at this point.

The series finale promises to be one of the most highly watched programs of the year, as millions of fans tune in to see how the story is wrapped up for Jay, Claire, Mitchell, their spouses, and their children. Will Mitch and Cam be moving away to the countryside? Will Haley move out of her parent's house with her new husband and twin children? Will Jay and Gloria finally visit Columbia with Manny? And will the extended family learn to live without each other's constant support? These are just some of the questions the final episode will hopefully provide the answers to. This news comes from Entertainment Weekly.