Beth Grant joins NBC's fall drama Mockingbird Lane as The Munsters' snooping neighbor Maryanne.

A favorite actor of Mockingbird Lane producer and pilot director Bryan Fuller, Beth Grant previously appeared on both Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies, where she played the same character, Marianne Marie Beattle.

Beth Grant's Maryanne will be a wheelchair-bound woman in her forties, suffering through a midlife crisis. She grows exceedingly paranoid when her creepy new neighbors, The Munsters, move in next door. The series is said to be exactly like the original, which one major difference: This will be a drama, not a comedy, taking the monster aspect more seriously than before.

The character of Maryanne did not appear on the original The Munsters TV series, which ran from 1964-66. It is believed that Bryan Fuller created the character specifically for Beth Grant.