Netflix has released a new trailer and four photos for the highly-anticipated series Mindhunter, which hails from critically-acclaimed filmmaker David Fincher. The Netflix streaming service service released a brief teaser back in March, during an event in Berlin showcasing their European line of programming, although this features much more footage to get fans ready for this series. This upcoming series, debuting on Netflix October 13, follows two FBI agents (Jonathan Groff & Holt McCallany) set out on a sinister investigative odyssey to discover the brutal answers.

The trailer, which debuted today on Netflix YouTube, opens with Jonathan Groff's Holden Ford interviewing a killer who states that there are "a lot more like me out there," which certainly gets this FBI agent's attention. The trailer also establishes that Agent Ford and his partner, Agent Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), travel around the country, teaching FBI techniques to police officers in the 1970s. While the exact year has not been revealed there is mention of the infamous serial killer Son of Sam, who terrorized New York City from 1976 to 1977.

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We also get a glimpse at Anna Torv's Wendy, who is one of the intellectuals that Ford and Tench come across, as they try to delve deep into the minds of these serial killers. Wendy tells both these FBI agents that these "psychopaths" think nothing is wrong with them, which makes them "virtually impossible to study," although these FBI agents have in fact found a way to do so in "near perfect laboratory conditions," calling this new program they're spearheading so exciting and "potentially far-reaching." The trailer also shows that this program has its detractors, particularly from the upper echelon of the FBI ranks.

When this series finally debuts on the Netflix streaming service, it will mark the end of an arduous seven-year journey to get this project up and running. We first reported on this series back in 2010, when David Fincher teamed up with actress/producer Charlize Theron to executive produce this series for HBO and Fox 21. Scott Buck, who went on to serve as the showrunner for Netflix's Iron Fist, had originally been brought on to write the script, but it never went anywhere. After spending more than five years in development at HBO, the series resurfaced on the Netflix streaming service in 2015, based on the book Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit, by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker. Joe Penhall wrote the new pilot script

The supporting cast for this new series also includes Cotter Smith, Tyler James Larkin, Hannah Gross, Cameron Britton and Alex Morf. The series is directed by David Fincher (Gone Girl, Zodiac), Asif Kapadia (Amy, Senna), Tobias Lindholm (A War, A Hijacking) and Andrew Douglas (The Amityville Horror, U Want Me 2 Kill Him?). Fincher, Joshua Donen (Gone Girl, The Quick and the Dead), Charlize Theron (Girlboss, Hatfields & McCoys) and Cean Chaffin (Gone Girl, Fight Club) are Executive Producers. Take a look at the new trailer and photos for Mindhunter below before it debuts on the Netflix streaming service on October 13.

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