Mindhunter fans who've already binge-watched the show's second season on Netflix are wondering when new episodes will be hitting the streaming service, and according to its lead actor, up to three more seasons could be on the way. Star Holt McCallany, who plays Agent Bill Tench on the popular series, recently spoke about the show's potential shelf life. From the actor himself, the apparent plan for McCallany and executive producer David Fincher is for Mindhunter to span for five seasons overall. It's certainly a doable goal, given the quality of the first two seasons, but this decision will ultimately be up to Netflix to make.

"[Fincher] said 'Listen, are you ready to do this for five seasons? Because even if I f*ck up, it's gonna go five seasons, and I don't intend to f*ck it up," Holt McCallany says of his conversations about the series with Fincher. The Mindhunter star also suggests that the show's potential third season would be "a complete reimagining of the show" to coincide with the required move from Pittsburgh to an all-new production location. Additionally, McCallany is looking forward to exploring other infamous killers on the show in upcoming episodes. "My hope going forward is that we'll just continue to meet some of these really well-known criminals, where you start to talk about the John Wayne Gacys, the Ted Bundys, the Jeffrey Dahmers," McCallany explains.

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Created by Joe Penhall, Mindhunter is based on the true crime book FBI agents Bill Tench and Holden Ford along with Anna Torv as psychologist Wendy Carr. Together, their goal is to learn as much as they can about how serial killers think by interviewing some of the most infamous murderers in the country, hoping to utilize this knowledge to solve open cases.

For true crime aficionados, the series is particularly interesting for its excellent portrayals of real-life serial killers. In the first season, the agents interviewed the likes of Edmund Kemper (Cameron Britton), Jerry Brudos (Happy Anderson), and Richard Speck (Jack Erdie). Not only does the series do a fantastic job of making the actors look very much like the murderers they're portraying, the performances are on point as well. Season 2 upped the ante by further exploring additional infamous killers like Dennis "BTK" Rader (Sonny Valicenti) , David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz (Oliver Cooper), and Charles Manson (David Herriman, who also plays the madman in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood).

As of now, Netflix has not officially ordered a third season of Mindhunter, but this is hopefully something which will be happening soon. With a perfect 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, season two has definitely impressed viewers, leaving Netflix subscribers anticipating new episodes. Let's hope for the best. You can read McCallany's interview in full at The Hollywood Reporter.