Almost immediately after giving Venture Bros. the boot, Adult Swim continues to clean house by canceling the animated series Mike Tyson Mysteries. The news was confirmed by writer Larry Dorf in an episode of The Modern Moron Podcast, which was recorded back in May. Dorf also says the decision was made around the start of the year when the crew was not given an order for a renewal. However, word of the cancellation is just starting to make its way through the press.

"Well, I was a writer for Mike Tyson Mysteries," Dorf said on the podcast, per Pop Culture. "Mike Tyson Mysteries is not a show anymore. It's been canceled... It was very fun. It was a funny show, but it's all done."


Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, Mike Tyson Mysteries first began airing on Adult Swim in 2014. Taking clear inspiration from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? and similar classic animated programs, the show followed Mike Tyson as he solved mysteries. Voicing himself in the lead role, Tyson is portrayed as a retired boxer who's a bit out of touch with reality. Also starring on the show as Tyson's crew are Norm Macdonald as an alcoholic pigeon named Pigeon, Rachel Ramras as Tyson's adopted daughter Yung Hee, and Jim Rash as the ghost of the boxing legend known as the Marquess of Queensbury.

Ultimately, Mike Tyson Mysteries is bowing out with a four-season run on Adult Swim. The final episodes premiered on the network earlier this year, though reruns have continued to air. Despite the bizarre premise, critics were mostly on board with the animated series as well, as the show earned mostly positive reviews as seen on review aggregator websites like Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes. Unfortunately, the ratings for the final season were significantly lower than the first three seasons, and that's likely what led to Adult Swim pulling the plug on the show rather than going for season five.


While Mike Tyson Mysteries is over, Dorf says Warner Bros. Animation will continue to work with him and his co-writers from the series on a new upcoming project. "We're working with them on a new thing," Dorf. "Hugh [Davidson] had kind of an overall deal there. Notice they didn't give one to me or Rachel [Ramras]. They want to develop stuff. There is one thing that we're going to be pitching next week that we've been working on."

As for Iron Mike, the boxing legend should be alright with stepping away from solving mysteries in the world of animation now that he's set his return to the ring. Earlier this year, Tyson signed on to fight Roy Jones Jr. in an eight-round exhibition match. The fight was originally scheduled to take place this week, but the bout has since been pushed back to Nov. 28. Time will tell if Tyson's return to boxing will go better than his final fight against Kevin McBride in 2005, but the training videos Tyson has released online do show the former heavyweight champion of the world looking just as impressive as ever.


This news comes to us from Pop Culture.