The day has finally come in Midnight, Texas as Colconnar is finally breaking through the veil and he's coming for his virgin witch Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley). Our merry band of Midnighters are on their way back to town but will they be able to save her in time? Or even if they do, will there be a town left to save?

Colconnar's lackey Jeremy (Ryan McCartan) has brought Fiji back to town and told her to go to her house and "get ready" for the demon's arrival. I'm not exactly sure what that means but I'm thinking more than her just putting on a little lip gloss. He also brought more of the Wraiths back with him so our Midnighters have some spirit-slaying ahead of them if they want to rescue Fiji.

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Before stepping off the vampire bus the Reverend (Yul Vazquez) consecrates all their guns and other weapons so they'll be effective against them fighting the Wraiths. As they march towards the town in an orderly front, Manfred (Francois Arnaud) stops them for a second to give them a motivating speech about what they're about to do. Lemuel simply replies, "My flesh is burning. Stop talking." A fantastic line that still makes me laugh as I write this! We've been waiting all season for this, so let's get to it.

While Manfred, Lemuel, Rev, and Joe (Jason Lewis) head for the pawn shop, Bobo (Dylan Bruce), Creek (Sarah Ramos), and Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) make their way towards Fiji's place. While their weapons take out the Wraiths temporarily, they still regenerate a few seconds later. Olivia goes up on a rooftop to provide cover for Creek and Bobo as Fiji lets them inside. The only problem is as Olivia makes a run for Fiji's place there is no one to cover her and she is attacked by Jeremy who burns the flesh right off of her stomach. Fiji takes him out with a pickaxe, and Bobo runs Olivia's body inside but the damage is done.

Over at the pawn shop, Manfred is going over all the different items there in an effort to find the ones with spirits that have supernatural powers so he can use them against Colconnar. But how is he to use this spirits as a weapon to defeat the demon? He plans to invoke all their essences and let them take over his body. Lemuel warns him that there's a good chance that could kill him but Manfred feels it is the best use of the shaman's advice from the last episode who told him, "To fight evil, is to know evil." Is there time to get a second opinion, maybe?

Back at Fiji's place, Olivia is not doing so well even after Fiji made her an herb remedy she thought would help. Bobo suggests they all leave and take her to a hospital but Fiji feels she can't leave since she knows the demons will follow again. So Creek agrees to take her and Bobo will stay behind. They carry her out the front, drop her in the car, and Creek drives her away with no problems at all. Were the Wraiths on a coffee break or something? There's supposed to be a cracked veil with monsters around everywhere!

With them gone, Bobo takes this moment to confront Fiji and ask what her plan is to take on Colconnar. She tries to dance around telling him but eventually reveals her plan to take out Colconnar when she becomes intimate with him. I almost have to pause the television to deal with that gross image my brain just produced. Anyway, she tells Bobo how he doesn't know how powerful she is, and that she has actually done this before. I'm sure if Bobo had known this, it would've put a snag in their relationship sooner.

With nighttime approaching, it is almost time for the blood moon to come out so the Rev dismisses himself to Lemuel's basement for the evening. While it seems like maybe his weretiger self would be a good weapon against the demon I guess he figures he might not be able to control himself? Either way, they are now down two of their strongest teammates so this is not making things any easier.

Before he goes about trying to invoke some evil spirits, Manfred asks Lemuel and Joe to stay close to him when he goes out there in case he can't control himself. And with that, he goes about calling on several spirits to help make him more powerful. Manfred stands at the ready as they float above him, listening to his words on why he has called on them. He makes them a deal if they help him he will release them afterward and they will no longer be stuck in limbo. They don't speak but seem to agree as they one by one enter Manfred's body through his mouth so he looks like he's being force-fed the largest pizza you've ever seen.

After Fiji finishes telling Bobo the story of her and Jeremy he still thinks her plan is too dangerous. Bobo suggests something a little different and not as risky-they should have sex. If Colconnar's whole reason for wanting Fiji is because she's a virgin then this is the simplest way to eliminate that. While Fiji isn't necessarily against it, she thinks it's a crazy idea with everything that's going on right outside her place. Bobo agrees but brings up how timing is just something that they don't have the luxury of. He tells her how much he has had feelings for her since the first day they ever met. She replies that she has thought about how maybe someday they would get together, just not like this. Well if you're trying to save an entire town and all your friends I think that is reason enough. They gently kiss at first and then start the pulling of clothes off when she stops and asks him if he's worried she'll do the same thing as she did to Jeremy. Bobo tells her that he's not worried because "she's not the same girl she was back then." Well that and if this doesn't work they're all probably dead anyway, so might as well comfort the girl.

Outside on the streets of Midnight, the blood moon has fully arisen and the veil cracks open with a fiery explosion as Colconnar appears from behind the black smoke. "Bring the virgin witch to me" he growls in that dark voice. Sorry, but I STILL can't take this demon seriously with the way he sounds. Manfred comes out to meet him with wild, red eyes and growls back "Not gonna happen." So we're going to have a heavy metal sing off apparently. He strikes first by sending a fireball of power at Colconnar who unfortunately is not phased and throws one back, knocking Manfred off his feet.

With Colconnar now arisen the Wraiths head to Fiji's house to get her but Joe swoops in with his sword and battles them to defend her. All of this is going on while Joe and Fiji are making sweet love inside her home! Saving the day is tough work. After Bobo has devirginized her properly, it sends a rippling effect that destroys all the Wraiths and really pisses off Colconnar. He bellows in anger and starts throwing fireballs destroying everything. Manfred tries to fight back but is outmatched from his power and falls back.

Lemuel seeing that Manfred needs a "power-up" goes back down to his basement to grab another artifact. He brings it to Manfred who takes on yet another spirit but this sends him to an all new level as the evil he takes on makes his eyes and mouth bleed black blood. With this new life, he re-engages Colconnar and fires a gigantic stream of powerful magic at him. The demon tries to retaliate and fire back, but this time it is too much for him and he is overwhelmed, exploding into a pile of black ash! Now with the demon gone Manfred releases the spirits inside of him and they fly through the cracks in the veil, sealing it behind them.

With the town now safe they all shift their attention to the hospital where Olivia has been taken to as she is still in bad shape. Lemuel being the most concerned goes into the room and feeds her some of his blood to help her heal. It quickly seals her wounds and she wakes up to see him smiling at her. He tells her that the blood is not good for humans but he couldn't lose her. I'm more concerned with if this conflicts with her not wanting to be immortal?

We time jump to a week later and with all of the death and destruction that has happened let's end on a high note of a wedding! Olivia and Lemuel are tying the knot presided over by the Reverend. The church is full of all the residents of Midnight back in town again for this big moment. None of the main characters died (even Mr. Snuggly made it) in this first season on NBC so everyone is still around to rejoice and share in the happiness of these two.

While it was an enjoyable first season for Midnight, Texas they still left some questions to be answered for season two. How will Olivia be affected by Lemuel's blood? What is with Madonna's (Kellee Stewart) secret connection with Olivia's father? What does it mean for this company Albany Worldwide renovating the hotel? I hope the show comes back so we get all these answers!

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