Finally, after all the random supernatural visitors that have been coming to Midnight, Texas all season, the time has come where the biggest and most dangerous one has arrived! The veil is breaking and the demon Colconnar has sent one of his subjects to find Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) to bring her back to him in the penultimate episode Riders on the Storm. But why is Fiji such the key in all of this?

To help us learn that answer we get a look back at Fiji's life when she first arrived at Midnight ten years ago. She comes to town to stay with her Aunt Mildred (Bellina Logan) and she's looking very chic with her hair all straightened and dressed in jeans instead of her usual dresses. She is there for a fresh start after she has left college to figure out how to next move on with her life. She has been seeing a therapist for incidents she has been having called "rage blackouts." But her Aunt Mildred has a better diagnosis--she's a witch, something she shares with her as well. Now, maybe that would scare some, but Fiji loves the sound of this and she would go on to be taught by her Aunt on how to control and use her powers.

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We'll have to revisit that story later because presently in Midnight the veil is starting to break which has caused a huge sandstorm. Manfred (Francois Arnaud) and Joe (Jason Lewis) go around town, spreading the word to get everyone to evacuate. Manfred also urges Creek (Sarah Ramos) to leave, even though she wants to stay with him. Hey, girl, it's a sandstorm. Time to go!

Over at Fiji's place, Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) and Bobo (Dylan Bruce) are providing security since they learned last week the demon is specifically coming for her. The storm is not only the first sign of the veil breaking but a cover for Colconnar to send one of his henchmen to abduct Fiji. As luck would have it, she sees him outside her place so Olivia and Bobo go out to protect her. When they go outside there are many of Colconnar's army called Wraiths that are walking the streets. They appear to be tall, faceless beings until they choose to attack and then we see them for the monsters they are.

When Olivia and Bobo realize they are outmatched they run back inside Fiji's house. They are also joined by Joe, Manfred, and the Rev (Yul Vazquez) who were over at the church. Quite the crappy situation they are in.

Realizing that they are in a terrible strategic spot Manfred suggests they leave the town and go somewhere else so that they might regroup and form a plan. The Midnighters agree to this and use the tour bus from when the Vampires came all the way back in Episode 2 to make their escape. At Olivia's request, Manfred goes and wakes up Lemuel (Peter Mensah) to get him out as well. Even though they are in a bad place she obviously still cares for him. They are all about to leave when Fiji is in hysterics because she can't find Mr. Snuggly. Why do these situations always come down to people and their damn pets?! It is unclear to me why a cat that can talk and have actual thoughts would not be trying to get out as well. Anyway, Manfred goes back to get THE CAT while the rest leave on the bus. He finds the little orange bastard but while he is trying to make it to his car the Wraiths find him! Thankfully, in the most random of good timing Creek drives into town and scoops Manfred up so they can make an escape.

While they're all fleeing out of Midnight we'll revisit Fiji's flashback to pass the time. She meets a guy named Jeremy (Ryan McCartan) who decides to hit on the new girl in town. He knows she's a witch and doesn't mind it so that automatically lowers her defenses some. She is able to confide in him about time she spent at a mental hospital and the first instances she started using her powers unaware of what was happening to her. He is very sympathetic to these instances from her past and that draws them together even more. Her Aunt Mildred warns her to be cautious with what she's doing because she has powers but Fiji doesn't seem to agree with her. If Mildred just would've just told her the truth.

Back in the present, our Midnighters plan to outrun the sandstorm has a very big hiccup when they realize the storm is following them! Thinking on his feet Bobo suggests The Cartoon Saloon which was the bar from Episode 4 that the Sons of Lucifer were hanging out at. They all drive over there and quickly run inside. Once they're in they are puzzled on why it is still following them, but Fiji reveals it is just following her. With everyone wondering why this is she reveals because she's a virgin. Well while we know Colconnar is a male that's still very strange, right? Fiji goes on to say that she's a virgin witch and that makes her power even greater than others.

Now how is that possible when we've been seeing her with this Jeremy guy in the past? Heading back to her flashback story we witness her and Jeremy making out but when they decide to try to have sex things go to a dire stage. Jeremy's body temperature decides to increase and it doesn't stop until he is literally on fire inside. By the time Fiji is able to put it out, it's too late and he dies from the exposure. That definitely clears up how she hasn't been with men for sure! My only question would be, what the hell was she doing kissing on Bobo all those episodes ago? That surely would've happened to him as well.

Returning to the present again, we find Lemuel and Olivia in an important conversation that we knew was coming. She tells him that after this business with Fiji is over, she will be leaving Midnight for good. She no longer feels safe or wants her father to find her. Lemuel doesn't even bother to fight her on this decision as he can tell her mind is made up. He just thanks her for the wonderful years they had together. While I can't imagine this is going to stick in the end, if they are over I will definitely miss them as a couple. And Olivia can't leave Midnight, she's way too interesting!

After putting their heads together Manfred and Fiji decide that they need to do a black magic spell to help their situation but it calls for a sacrifice. While you would think that means we're going to lose one of our core members Mr. Snuggly volunteers himself. Somehow most of the group is still surprised and didn't know he could talk! So she kept Mr. Snuggly's secret, what a stand-up owner. Fiji sadly tells him how much she's appreciated having him around but he doesn't care. He just wants to go back to his old owner Aunt Mildred. That's rough being rejected by a cat, right?

So they perform the ritual and put Mr. Snuggly in the middle of a pentagram with a bunch of candles, which is actually one of the odder things I've seen in this episode. Fiji says all her witchcraft words and spews out a black stream of smoke that swirls around Mr. Snuggly. But then the strange thing happens as the cat is not affected at all, but Manfred turns ghost white and collapses to the ground! Maybe you all didn't read the instructions correctly.

They say everyone deals with death differently so I guess Olivia jumping on top of Manfred and furiously pumping his chest is her own way. After Bobo has to pull her off, Creek solemnly lies her head on his chest and goes the denial route. "I'm just going to stay here because I don't believe you're gone," she says.

While this is happening, Manfred actually has entered a spirit world where he runs into Catori (David Midthunder), the man who Joe had told him earlier about. Catori was the one who sacrificed his life to seal the veil the last time it broke open. He asks him how can he seal it again and Catori whispers in his ear an answer we can't hear. Of course, just leave us hanging.

Either feeling a moment of despair or just tired, Fiji ventures outside the bar and confronts Colconnar's henchmen. When he removes the goggles and scarf he had been wearing it reveals Jeremy's burnt face. Fiji's mouth drops in shock at the face she hasn't seen in front of her for years. Jeremy tells her Colconnar sent him as a familiar face to ask her to come with him. If she does, Colconnar will spare all of her friends. If she does not he will kill them all. We know the drill, Mr. Demon.

Back inside the bar, Manfred surprises everyone when he suddenly wakes up. He tells them all that Fiji's spell worked and he got to see Catori. But when he asks about Fiji, they all look around because she's gone. Now how is it when they were all in the same room together she actually left unnoticed? Shame on all of you, Midnighters! They all run outside, but just as the sandstorm is now gone, so is Fiji. She went with Jeremy to give herself over to Colconnar.

We're almost to the final season one. How do you think this will end for the residents of Midnight, Texas? Who will and won't survive the veil opening as NBC brings this one to a close?

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