We left Manfred (Francois Arnaud) last week on Midnight, Texas speeding away from town in his RV because of Creek (Sarah Ramos) dumping him and he felt he had no reason to stay there. So the question that we know is coming is-how does he come back to town? While he is driving he is talking with, the always insightful spirit of his dead grandmother Xylda (Joanne Camp) who is pleading with him to go back to Midnight. Manfred keeps giving her reasons why it's not the place for him, so she pulls an Ace out of her gypsy robe and tells him it's his "destiny." But she decides not to give a full disclosure right away because his RV decides to take a crap on him first, and it breaks down.

Now with Manfred stuck on the side of the road without food, water, and he's taken his last pill, you would think he could consider he's made a mistake and go back to Midnight? Nope, that would be too easy for this NBC series. This was the worst planned getaway ever! No wonder this guy's life is a mess. So he tries to be a badass and hoof it back to some gas station he saw WAY back earlier. Yet, still, Xylda holds back on what this "destiny" of his is in this episode, Last Temptation of Midnight.

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As he is walking out there in the middle of the deserted roads we get flashbacks to his time growing up with Xylda. We get the backstory on how Manfred's mother bailed on him and left him with her at the RV one day. She raised him as best as she could, teaching him to not play with spirits in front of the public and all. Apparently, he knew early on he could see and interact with dead folks. Just normal kid growing pains. His mother left him because she couldn't relate to his powers but Xylda could.

After Xylda raised him to adulthood cancer came into her body and she felt it was time to move on to the next life. Which I wonder if she knew that included hanging out in an RV for her afterlife? Anyway, we are shown how she decided to take pills to end her time here instead of suffering anymore. She was at peace with this decision and felt it was the best thing to do.

At one point we hear Xylda's voice in the flashback and that's because Manfred has passed out in the present time. His body is weak from wandering around in the Texas heat for hours like a dumbass. He wakes up and he's lying on the ground as he sees his grandmother right next to him. NOW she decides to tell him about what she saw in her vision before she died. She saw the town of Midnight, "in flames" with people dying everywhere and Manfred standing there in the middle of it all. So you couldn't foresee how he stops the chaos--just that he's there? That's not very helpful, grandma. She adds that Manfred has the power inside him to stop what is coming, she knows it. But now her time helping him is over because now that she has delivered her message to him, her spirit can be free. We will miss you on the show, Xylda. You were a lot of fun.

With that Manfred flags down a dump truck that is driving by and hitches a ride so he can get out of there. Unfortunately for him when he gets inside the cab he gets a massive headache and when he looks around notices it's from the dead spirits that are somewhere inside the truck. He has jumped into the vehicle with a demon who has been murdering random civilians for a giant sacrifice that it will be offering to the creature of the underworld below Midnight's veil. Manfred can't escape his role no matter how much he tries.

Before he meets the same fate as the ones in the back of the truck, Manfred gets in a scuffle with the demon and manages to jump out while the vehicle is moving. The demon stops the truck and gets out to try to find him but he doesn't see him. Figuring he lost him, the demon gets back in and continues to drive on not realizing that Manfred has sneaked into the bed of the truck. He lies there with a dozen or so of bodies and tries to remain calm but it has to be quite unnerving for someone who can communicate with the dead.

Not a fun way for Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) to start off a morning when you have a recurring demon who visits you to say that he's coming for you. It's the same one that they thought they had got rid of many episodes ago when she banished all the demons from Manfred's house. It continues to speak to her and has even found a way to break the plain and physically touch her. While I'm sure the touching part would freak anyone out, the cliché dark and smoldering voice that the show uses for the demon is so comical I continue to have a hard time taking it seriously. Couldn't they go with something that doesn't sound like it's from a children's nursery rhyme?

In any event, Fiji gets a visit from a local named Janice (Frances Lee McCain) who tells her that she's been very depressed lately and thinking dark thoughts. Well, she does live in a town where people are either getting murdered or mysteriously dying so imagine that? Fiji tells her she'll make her a tea that will fix everything and make her feel better. As she does this Janice decides to wander around Fiji's place and comes across a very large dagger which she decides to quietly sneak out of her place with. When Fiji realizes Janice is gone she goes outside and witnesses her about to stab herself proclaiming to everyone "it needs me to die!" Thankfully Fiji quickly uses her power to take the knife back but there are some bad forces that are now taking advantage of the townspeople.

The remaining Midnighters have a meeting at the church and Fiji explains how the demon that has been harassing her lately is now using its influence over others that are weaker to its powers. While the others go about their own ways to find ways to fight the threat Fiji gets to what she does best and develops a potion that will counter the effects of the demon's mind control.

Last week there was a scene where Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) told Lemuel (Peter Mensah) that she knows one day she will die and he will outlive her. When he suggested that he could change that situation she told him she was fine with the way things were.

Now, this week we relive the same discussion but Lemuel is more headstrong about changing her mind. Olivia cites that she isn't interested in living forever and is comfortable with knowing that one day their relationship will run its course because that's just how life is. He asks her that the day she decides to leave him if she could honor their relationship more than just by leaving a random note. The fact that Lemuel realizes his time with Olivia is finite has struck a very big nerve with him for sure.

Later on at the pawn shop when they're trying to decide what to do about Fiji's demon they end up having an intimate moment but then Lemuel tries to actually bite her neck. That's definitely a big mistake. Olivia very threatened by this uses the metal from her bracelet to burn him and he retreats. She scolds him for this and Lemuel apologizes not knowing what came over him. But this would not be the last time his urges get the best of him.

While she might have avoided his bite for the moment, emotionally she can't let it go. As the evening gets later Lemuel can tell Olivia is restless but when he tells her to go to bed she refuses. He accuses her of not trusting him anymore to which she answers she shouldn't after what he just did. She brings up that he has been acting strange lately and he takes it more to being offended she doesn't want to spend their days together forever. He digs deeper and suggests maybe she's just using him for his leeching to take her daily pain away and with this he grabs her by the back of her hair to show his dominance. She reacts with stabbing him with a knife and runs off. Why the hell are these two fighting?

Lemuel follows her upstairs and after she pulls a gun on him and orders him out of the apartment this turns into a violent fight to which they end up trading verbal spats with acts of punching and kicking. But can we take a moment to wonder how and why Olivia has taken this moment to chop all her hair off? Kind of strange timing to worry about vanity. This has to be some kind of random production issue that came up.

Meanwhile during all this Manfred is still riding along in the back of the truck and starts going through the pockets of the corpses to find a phone. He finds one and calls Fiji to warn the town about their new friend who is bringing some disturbing gifts to them. When the truck arrives it dumps out all the bodies and he uses this as his moment to get away.

Manfred goes to Creek's house first (no surprise there) and luckily he gets there just in time as the same mind control the demon is using on the town he now also has on her. He stops her just as she's about to put a knife to her throat and while he restrains her Fiji shows up and uses her potion to block the monster's influence. One crisis averted for the moment.

Manfred then heads over to the pawn shop and with great timing intervenes on Lemuel and Olivia using Fiji's magic on him to stop their fight. Obviously whatever forces have been messing with the townspeople heads was somehow affecting him as well. But they have no time for a Dr. Phil moment because they have a bigger problem to deal with.

Now all the Midnighters regroup outside as the demon is dumping gasoline on his pile of bodies preparing for his offering. They run up and restrain it but the earth opens up and the fires from below ignite the bodies on fire, therefore, completing the sacrifice. The demon uses this moment to throw them off and grab Fiji as he is trying to take her down to hell with him. Manfred reacting to his friend in peril uses his powers to call on the spirits of the victims to separate Fiji from the demon and drag him down into the earth below. So those powers Xylda had clued Manfred into saying he was capable of are apparently quite valid. While they are all now safe the monster's plan worked and the street seals back up as if nothing had happened.

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